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Inbound Contact Center: Streamline Your Businesses Customer Service

Meet Mustafa, our Customer Support Rep!

For many small businesses, the owner takes care of all the important tasks. From sending out invoices to answering customer queries, he or his small team are in charge of making sure everything clicks into place.

The problem, however, is that the various different operations are not streamlined, as a result. If everyone does everything, there are not enough specialists to help the business expand by deepening their respective areas of expertise. One area is customer service.

An inbound contact center takes the stress of answering queries from a larger base of customers as a business grows. Whether you are a retailer selling bike parts or a developer of software, a contact center provides much-needed assistance in a number of areas.

Save time

The first benefit is time saved. Instead of answering the phone all the time, the bike shop owner can tend to customers who are walking into the shop and ready to buy something. For the software developer, he does not have to be slowed down in his development cycle, because of continuing customer queries on a previous product.

Don’t miss a sale

A contact center also helps address pre-sales queries. Missing a call or responding late is not an option in a competitive, hyper-connected world. A dedicated team to address all potential customers looking for guidance on a purchase is a great way to maximize business potential, even if you start small.

Connect to all channels

A contact center that can answer multi-channel queries is especially important as customers start connecting on e-mail and social media, on top of phone calls. Whether this has to do with pre-sales or after-sales support, streamlining this process is key to a small business’ growth.

Doing things in-house is fine, but failing to address customers in the various channels coherently could damage a brand substantially. A well-run inbound contact center, on the other hand, boosts your image. Online, reputation spreads fast.

Retain loyal customers

Perhaps as important as a great product is the way a company supports its customers. It’s not easy for a small business owner and his modestly-sized team to answer all queries, especially if they also double up as a sales representatives or R&D staff members.

An inbound contact center can take the solutions to the most common questions and easily share this with the growing number of customers calling in. In the unfortunate event of a product recall, for example, a contact center’s staff can help customers set appointments for a return or exchange of a product.

Seeing the value

Even small companies are seeing the value of inbound call centers today. The reason is clear. Customers want more information at a snap of a finger, and companies that can provide them an improved service are the ones that earn their dollar.

MightyCall offers a powerful yet affordable range of virtual phone systems and contact center solutions to help small businesses interact more effectively with customers. Talk to us to see how an inbound contact center can transform your business.