HP Engage Releases PoS Cloud Services for Small Business

This January, HP announced the launch of two services to directly benefit small businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. HP Engage Console and HP Engage Catalog are two new Cloud services designed to expand the features of Point of Sale (PoS) systems in local stores, cafes/restaurants, lodging, travel, and other small businesses. The new services will also benefit Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) helping developers reach a wider audience via a unique app marketplace. 

What is HP Engage Console?

As of today, 44% of U.S. stores have adopted mobile Point of Sale (PoS) systems to accept payments, making cash registers as we know them a thing of the past. Since up to 79% of the companies that have embraced PoS payments are precisely small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), tech giants like HP understand the need for IT-friendly systems for SMB owners. 

HP Engage Console comes to the aid of small business with its single platform to manage all PoS devices. For example, if your business uses more than one PoS device (like a cafe/ restaurant with several mobile PoS points) or you own more than one business, HP Engage Console provides a single, easy to read dashboard to manage all PoS devices (Apple, Windows, Android). 

The dashboard includes an overview of all your PoS devices and pro insights such as:

  • Mission control
  • Device and user enrollment
  • Device management 
  • Content management
  • Remote cast and control
  • Utilities 
  • Reports and workflows 

HP Engage Console also offers remote servicing and support for all your PoS devices. This removes the need for special IT staff/support. Use Engage Console to save time and take the headache out of managing several Point of Sale systems at once. 

What is HP Engage Catalog?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a special “App Market” just for business, that integrates perfectly into your PoS system? 

HP Engage Catalog is exactly like that. It’s a single marketplace for Independent Software Vendors to make available their apps/tools designed specifically for PoS systems. With Engage Catalog, business owners can choose from dozens of apps that will simplify inventory management, organize finances, and increase productivity. 

Apps include:

  • Inventory management
  • Revenue tracking  
  • Tax management
  • Promotions and campaigns
  • Remote control services

How does it work?

HP Engage Console and HP Engage Catalog are part of the HP Engage PoS product line designed specifically for SMBs. 

HP Products for small business include Modular, Convertible, and All-in-One PoS systems designed for various business tasks and sizes. They’re a great way to make the leap away from the analog cash register to a system that keeps financial information and inventory at your fingertips, 24/7.

In addition to the provided software, HP Engage PoS systems are certified with Mobile Device Management (MDM) services like VMware and SOTI. ISV. 

Final word 

Whether the time has come to revitalize your business with a whole new payment system or steadily upgrade to a better solution, the power team of PoS hardware plus Cloud platforms such as HP Engage Console and Engage Catalog will be a terrific helper in business.

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