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How to Protect an 8–800 Number from Hacker Attacks

Like so many other types of communications channels, toll-free (8–800) numbers can be vulnerable to hacking attacks. Providing a means to make it easier for customers to contact you could leave those very same customers open to data or identity theft. You can help to protect your number by using strong, random passwords (not default ones), by allowing only trusted personnel to work as systems administrators and by monitoring for suspicious call activities. MightyCall ensures the security of your phone connections while expanding the range of communication services available to you.

An 8–800 number is a telephone number used by enterprises for their advertising campaigns and also customer services. They are in essence used by the customers, to contact the enterprises and companies, regarding the services these companies offer. They could be used to put forth complaints by the customer to the concerned companies regarding the quality of their services. These 8–800 numbers are usually toll-free, i.e. the customer doesn’t make payments for making the calls to the concerned company.

Toll-free telephone hackers, quite like other telephone lines, are prone to hacker attacks. Such hackers are capable of infiltrating the PBX systems and make international and long distance calls, listen to voice calls and intercept both voice mail and conversations. Victims of such attacks usually unknowingly let the hackers use their telephone line numbers to carry out malicious activities on other users. To prevent this, have a properly secured telephone system. MightyCall ensures the security of your telephone line and number whenever you use our services.

Use passwords and codes to prevent easy access into your business’ central telephone control unit. These passwords should be as random as possible to make it hard for a prospective hacker to access it, while still yet ensuring that they are not the preconfigured default passwords and codes set by the manufacturer of the applications. You also should consider randomly forcing password and code input for the employees before they access the MightyCall services installed in your business enterprise. These codes and passwords could also be frequently changed, to stay ahead of the potential hacker.

Ensure that only trusted personnel work as the system administrators with an access to the detailed information on the call systems, while at the same time keeping extensions of former employees inactive unless there is a trusted replacement.

Check your company’s calls for any suspicious call activities, especially those that come during holidays, weekends and after work hours. These tend to be the times commonly targeted by hackers to infiltrate your telephone system.

MightyCall helps you as the owner of the company/enterprise get one central number for the whole company. With this, the entire telephone communication system is centrally connected to one main telephone number. Even if unavailable or you are out of the office, the MightyCall mobile device application keeps you in connection with what is going on in the company. It also ensures you never miss any of your customers’ calls, as these are without doubt important to your business. Such fast responses to your customers subsequently help in building a brand loyalty by the customers. Promptness and availability of attendants to attend to your customers’ queries help in making them stick to your brand of services and products as it builds trust between you and your customers. MightyCall’s SMS integration into their services, helps in keeping you updated in your customers likes and dislikes and in turn help you effectively and efficiently manage your business.

business phone number helps you get ahead of your competitors as it helps in representing your company across the different search engines and business profile listings available. MightyCall comes in handy by offering you such a business phone number, ensuring success in the development of the enterprise you run. Many banking institutions require that you list a dedicated business phone number for your business, in order to access their services. MightyCall does exactly this and ensures that you are able to access the bank’s services without much difficulty.