Four Things to Consider For a Professional On-Hold Voice Greeting

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
9 September 2014 Business Insights, Tips and Tricks

Yesterday, we shared a post for those of you who decided that it would be a good idea to take the DIY approach to recording your on-hold voice greeting.

However, to gain instant credibility, a professional voice actor is hard to beat, and there are companies out there that make the process simple.

While it might seem simple to hand your phone greeting off to the professionals, there are still a number of factors to consider to get things right.

Pick a reputable partner

This is key to getting a great recording that leaves a lasting impression on your customer. There several companies out there with great track records in providing easy-to-use services to help you take your original scripts and to the next level with high-quality recordings using a professional voice actor.

Pick a partner that has the capabilities of a professional studio that provides high-quality audio mastering. Also, a partner that can turn around fast enough would be invaluable when you have to quickly update your messages.

If you are running a promotion and want a new recording, you would prefer to have a familiar voice that has been in line with your brand all this while. Make sure your partner can respond quickly to these requests in future.

Don’t be afraid to brag (a little)

On-hold messages are one of the best ways to “sell” a product to a caller since you have his undivided attention. At the same time, you can use this short window of opportunity to sell your company as well.

Won an award recently? Don’t be afraid to brag, well, a little to let customers know. Excellence is what they seek in a company and they won’t know how great your company is unless someone tells them.

Got a new tagline that you are promoting for an upcoming campaign or strategy? Get it on the on-hold message. It’s one channel where your message is super-focused and the audience is listening carefully. Don’t waste the opportunity.

Select a suitable voice

Do consider if the voice you choose to represent your company fits the profile of customers you’re reaching out to. Think of the age, race and nationality, for example, which will come through in the accent of a person.

Also pick a voice that casts a “smiling” image in the minds of callers. Yes, a smile. It is easier to picture if a voice comes across as earnest, optimistic and forward-looking. Should you pick a “radio” voice? Always find a balance between a professionally-sounding voice and something that sounds too polished to be real.

Some voices may also bring up stereotypes quite easily, say, in an ethnically diverse market. So be sensitive to local customs. It is a smart move to customise your messages for callers from each market, say, by offering different numbers to call and have corresponding on-hold messages.

Always follow up

Obviously, the best voice messages are useless if there is no follow-up. Sometimes, a customer will get connected to an operator after a brief waiting time. Other times, he will have to wait for a call back if there is high call volume.

Your voice recording has to reflect this by letting the caller know when he can expect a call back or response of some sort. Let them have a realistic response time — don’t over-promise or set too long a wait time for a reply.

Alternatively, have a customer leave a voice message first, so a company representative can have some heads-up knowledge of an issue before getting in touch later. If your voice message promises a call back, you better do so!

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