Voice features

Upgrade MightyCall and include the voice-handling features of big businesses for your own customers.

Premium (starting from $10)

Voice Features Description Free Premium
(starting from $10)
Two dedicated number Pick up to two toll-free or local numbers, with at least 300 shared minutes.
Forward Calls Point incoming calls to any desk or mobile phone.
Voice-enabled Mobile App Call back customers that you missed from your MightyCall App.
Personalize Greetings Set up recordings yourself, or hire a professional voice talent to do it for you.
Pick Your Own Extensions Whether you are on extension 10 or 999, it’s your call.
Voicemail Shared voicemail is so yesterday. Give everyone in your team a dedicated voicemail.
Call Screening Have VIPs routed directly to you, or block calls from people you don’t want to hear from.
Ring. Ring. Ring. And Ring. Paranoid of missing a customer call? Have up to 45 devices ring at the same time so someone on your team always catches the call.
Custom Call Menus Decide how your callers interact with you. By dialing your extension, by pressing “1” for “sales”, or just listening to a recording?

Activity Features

The starter MightyCall set is free and a great way to get going with impressing your customers.

Premium (starting from $10)

Activity Features Description Free Premium
(starting from $10)
Create a “Contact Us” page automagically Create a snazzy-looking Contact Us page in just minutes for your business website. Let customers request an email or call back.
Track incoming customer emails Don’t let mails to info@ or sales@ fall into the blackhole of emails. Forward them to your MightyCall system.
Social Media Tracker Track and respond to what customers are saying about you on Facebook and Twitter without fancy software.
Activity Queue The activity tracks a customer request or team task until it is completed, so nothing falls between the cracks.
Mobile app Get an iPhone or Android app to manage your activity queue on the move
Share to-do items Hand off a customer request to someone else on the team to split the workload.
Dashboard See who is working the hardest to keep customers happy.
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