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What is a Contact Us Widget?

Your website will work even smoother with our “Contact Us” widget. The widget allows you to create your own contact form for your website. All activities (missed calls, voicemails, & call back or email requests) will be displayed in the MightyCall Activity section.

MightyCall’s Contact Us widget includes:

  • Your business name and address (including a mark on the map).
  • Your contact information — primary and alternate phone numbers, fax, email, and Skype.
  • Your business hours
  • Links to your company’s social media pages
  • Your own image gallery (up to six images)

MightyCall’s Contact Us widget also has additional features to help turn site visitors into customers:

  • A downloadable vCard.
  • A map that can give directions to your office.
  • A quick link to share your company details & address via email.
  • A contact form to send a callback or email request.
  • The integrated MightyCall Click-to-call function, which allows calls to be made from the browser to a pre-programmed phone (once the widget is set up calls with automatically go to the number you linked the widget to).
  • The MightyCall Web Widget is optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Your website visitors can place an instant call via the Click-to-Call by clicking on the phone number listed in the widget, or they can send you an offline request by pressing on the “Contact Us” button.

The “Get Directions” link provides your website visitors directions to your office using Google Maps.

Configuring the Mightycall Contact Us widget

The MightyCall Contact Us widget is available with our Standard and Ultimate plans. You can configure your MightyCall Contact Us widget in the “Web” section. The MightyCall Contact Us widget includes nine elements (blocks):

  • Company Name & Address
  • Map
  • Contacts (phones, fax, emails)
  • Business Hours
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Get Contact Info
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact Us button
  • Social media “Likes”

You can edit/hide/move/re-size all the elements as needed.
Contact Us


How to Edit Elements

Click the “Edit” icon in the top-right corner of the selected element; you can now edit things as you like.

How to hide/show Elements

You can hide or show any element by clicking on the “Hide” icon in the top-right corner of the selected element. You can also hide or show all elements by clicking the desired buttons above the form. You can return to one of the standard templates by clicking on the “Horizontal” or “Vertical” buttons.
Contact Us 2


How to Move and Resize Elements

You can move any of the elements by dragging-and-dropping them.

To resize, drag the lower-right corner of the element to the desired size. Note that some elements have size limitations.

General Options

The language of the Contact form is customizable too; you can select from the following list of languages for your form: English, German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

Background color — white and transparent backgrounds are available.

Widget width — select the “Standard Size” option if you want to set up the contact form width to fit with the width of common sites. Select “Automatic Scale” to have your widget take the available width on your website.

You can also use your own CSS styles if needed.
Contact Us settings

contact us widget settings

How to Preview your Form

Click on the Mobile Preview or Web Preview buttons to see a preview (note the Contact Us button is disabled when utilizing the preview function. This button will only be enabled on your live site).​

How to add the Form to your site

To get the code, click the “Get Widget code” button and then click “Copy to clipboard.” WordPress ID is also available.

Edit the HTML code of the page you want to add the widget to, and paste the copied widget code in the HTML code section at the bottom of your website page.

Save your HTML page to see the widget rendered on your website.

Click here for more information on configuring the MightyCall Contact Widget using CSS.


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