Voicemail – How to Set Up and Use

You can’t take every one of your customers’ calls. But where do they leave voicemails? On your personal cell phone? On your colleagues’ phone? Can you be sure that the voicemail message that they’ll hear will always sound professional?

With MightyCall, you can have a one-stop fits-all voicemail greeting for your company. Voicemail messages are sent to your MightyCall Web Interface and MightyCall Mobile App, which can then easily be delivered to anyone in your company.

Give everyone in your team a dedicated voicemail box.

How to forward your incoming calls to voicemail

  1. Go to Call Flows.
  2. Click on the “Actions” block.
  3. Select “Leave a voicemail.”
  4. Select or invite a user.
  5. Save changes.

How to listen to voicemails

When someone leaves a voicemail, you will receive a notification. You can download received voicemail from the notification email or listen to it via your MightyCall account or MightyCall mobile app.

  1. Go to History.
  2. Open the Voicemails tab.
  3. Here you can listen to (and remove) your voicemails as needed.
    Voicemail 2

Note. Your voicemail box can store up to 500 voicemails, each message 3 min max length.

Consider voicemail-to-text

Another option MightyCall users have is our voicemail-to-text option. To access this option you can select either the Standard or Ultimate plans. Both of these plans include the voicemail-to-text option.

While some users will still prefer to listen to voicemails, we’ve found that some users also prefer to read them instead (or both- sometimes you may want to listen to a quick five second voicemail but would prefer to read a long droning two-minute one).

With voicemail-to-text, your voicemails can be automatically converted to easily readable text format. They can then be read on your web panel or via our mobile app. You can even have them sent directly to your email!!

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