Statistics History Dashboards

Stay on top of your communications activities by tracking what happened, when, for how long, by whom. With the Statistics History dashboard, you can see how you and your team handle all activities like missed, incoming or outbound calls, voicemails, tasks and social events. Also how many of them you receive, how many are answered and when.

Call and Voicemail history

MightyCall stores the call, voicemail and text history for the whole account, as well as individual call logs. To view the list, go to the “Calls” screen.

The Calls tab supports a number of operations within the call history:

  • To search for the necessary records, you can use the Search Calls field.
  • If you need to view calls that occurred within a certain timeframe, specify the appropriate period.
  • You can also select necessary call types by using the Inbound, Outgoing, Missed and Connected Calls filters.
  • Call history can be exported into a .csv file by using the Export this call log link.

View your list of voicemail messages in “Dashboards | Voicemails.“.

  • Search for specific voicemail messages using “Search Voicemails.”.
  • Adjust the “From” and “To” fields accordingly to find voicemail messages received in a certain period.
  • Download single or multiple messages to your desktop computer by clicking “Download” on the right hand column.
  • Preview your voicemails from your browser using the embedded MightyCall player.
  • Remember to enable notifications in “Profile” to receive notifications of new voicemail messages.
  • Your voicemail quota depends on your plan. Remember to check your voicemail usage indicator in case you’ve run out of space.


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