Social Media Tracker

Keep track of your social media accounts and updates, becoming more client-oriented. Find out what people are saying about your business, answer questions and enhance your public profile.

MightyCall’s social media tracking, available on Ultimate plan, lets your whole team access your social accounts to make sure you don’t miss an important message. Connect your MightyCall account to a Twitter/Facebook account and your direct messages and mentions will automatically be turned into tasks and added to the activity queue.

How to configure Facebook or Twitter tracking

  1. Go to “Settings | Facebook or Twitter.”
  2. Click “Connect Facebook (or Twitter).” Confirm an authorization request.
    Social Tracker
  3. Select the desired page (or pages) and click “Save.” Now all new messages and posts will be organized into an activity queue.
  4. If you want to change settings, delete or add new pages go to “Settings | Social | Facebook (Twitter).” To stop tracking, click “Unlink.”

Twitter mentions & direct messages in MightyCall

MightyCall allows you to track your Twitter Mentions and Direct Messages by displaying them in the Activity section.

A mention is any Twitter update that contains @YourTwitterName anywhere in the body of the Tweet. If someone mentions you (using @YourTwitterName) in their Tweet, you will see new Activity at the MightyCall Activities tab. You can read the message, reply, retweet and follow it. You also can assign this activity to other MightyCall users, comment and mark it as completed.

Along with Twitter Mentions, you can read your Twitter Direct Messages (DMs).

To enable this option, authorize MightyCall by clicking the button in the “Settings | Twitter” tab.
TwitterNote. You can only connect one Twitter account to MightyCall.

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