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Presence Indicator

What are user statuses?

Each user can set their status to one of the following options, as a way of handling incoming calls:

Available-the user is ready to receive calls. If the user is specified in the call distribution settings (Call to User, Call to Group or Call Queue), the incoming call will be forwarded to the user’s number.

Busy-the user is already talking to someone using the MightyCall service. If another call is received at the same time, the caller will (by default) hear the voice message “the number you are calling is busy”. The call will be queued and held on the line until the user completes the first call.

DND (Do not disturb) – calls will not be forwarded to the user. If the user is the only one who is enabled to receive calls, the caller will by default hear the message, “the person you are calling is not available”. The call will be then redirected to voicemail. If settings are configured to forward the call to a group or call queue, it will be redirected to users with the Available status.

In the Profile section, the Answering Options tab allows you to configure custom audio greetings for DND, Busy, and No answer statuses.

How can I use statuses in my work?

Use status indicators to quickly route incoming calls. For example, if you’re away or at a meeting and temporarily do not want to receive calls, set your status to DND. Once you are ready to receive calls again, switch back to Available.

You can see the current status of all users (Available, Busy, or DND) in your Profile’s Team tab, as well as on the web phone (in the Team section) and in the mobile app. The status will quickly show which of your colleagues are ready to accept the call if it’s necessary to redirect it.

How can I change my status?

  1. In the mobile app.
  2. In the User Profile (use the slider in the upper right-hand corner by your user name).
  3. On the web phone open in a separate window.
  4. When receiving an incoming call, if the Call Screening option is enabled. Learn more about Call Screening.

Can I change the status of other employees?

Yes, this is possible for users who are assigned the Administrator role.

  1. Go to the Team tab.
  2. Click the “Edit” option by any user name. The User Settings page opens.
  3. Under “Availability”, select the desired status: Available or DND. Save the changes.



  • A user’s status is not related to his/her being logged in to the MightyCall profile or mobile app (online or offline). Statuses are personal user settings which determine how incoming calls are handled.
  • Outgoing calls can be made even if your status is set to DND.

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