Dashboard (MightyCall Reports)

The MightyCall Dashboard section shows several call metrics to track productivity and analyze the most important indicators. The Dashboard section includes five reports under two tabs. Each report contains a graph and a raw data (spreadsheet).
The following reports are available:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Volume

The Key Performance Indicators tab

  • Connected vs. Missed Calls
    Connected — means successful conversation between callers.
    Dropped — means very short inbound calls (less than 4 seconds by default).
    Voicemails — the caller left a voicemail message.
    Missed — no one picked up the phone.
    Unaccepted call, % — the ratio of connected and unaccepted calls (includes dropped, missed calls and voicemails).
  • Average Speed of Answer & Average Talk Time
    Average speed of answer — includes the amount of time callers wait while the agent’s phone rings.
    Average talk time — The average amount of time the agent spends communicating with the customer.

The Volume tab

  • Incoming & Outgoing Calls (both customers and team members):
    Incoming Calls — how many incoming calls have been received?
    Outgoing Calls — how many outgoing calls have been made?
  • Internal Calls (only team members) — this includes conversation between team members only (without customers).
  • Voicemails — how many voicemails have been received?

What filters can be used in the Dashboard section?

You can use the following filters: time, user/group/queue, and phone number/click Click-to-Call Widgetwidget.

What does ‘Not Available’ mean?

MightyCall must collect more data to show reports for some metrics. If you see ‘Not Available’, try to change selected filters, for example, select another time period.

Who can view these reports?

The Dashboard section is available only for an administrators.

Can I export my reports?

Yes, all reports can be exported into .xlsx file by clicking the Export icon.

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