How to Use Guide: Call Forwarding

Imagine the ease of having just one number for all of your calls! Do away with multiple numbers on your business card or website, and make it easy for customers to reach you the first time.

MightyCall provides you with a toll-free or local phone number and call-forwarding to any device(s) — your smartphone, office or VoIP phone — at the same time. Forward inbound calls according to your preference, like to a certain device based on employee availability or time-of-day.

call forwarding settings

Call forwarding is an umbrella name for different options you have for incoming calls. When someone calls your business phone number when forwarding is active, technically the call must be connected to some other phone number or a voice mailbox.

The idea we have is that you should be able to set up your call forwarding rules once. Then, MightyCall will handle all incoming calls according to your rules so it can:

  • Direct a call to a single phone number — in this case, just one specific phone will ring.
  • Direct a call to several phone numbers at the same time. The first to pick up takes the call.
  • Connect to a voice mailbox if nobody picks up or everyone is busy.
  • Select forward settings based on working/non-working hours.
  • Select forward settings based on white or black call lists.
  • Place callers in a queue so they can wait until other calls in front of them are handled.
  • You can also call to a group, although this is not, strictly speaking, “clean call forwarding”.

More details on when to use various call handling options.

call flow - call routing

How to forward all incoming calls to a cell phone

  • Go to Call Flows. The Call Flow editor will open.
  • Click on the “Action” block. Select “Call a non-MightyCall phone number”.
  • Provide a phone number. Click OK. Now all incoming calls will be redirected to this phone number.

How to forward a call to a specific user

  1. Go to Call Flows.
  2. Click on the Actions block.
  3. Select “Call user”.
  4. Select or invite a user you want.
  5. Save changes.

What is the difference between contact with a non-MightyCall phone and contact with a user?

A non-MightyCall phone can be any of a cell phone or landline- it can even be а fax! Incoming calls from non-MightyCall phones will simply be redirected without any additional options.

If you select the Call user action, however, the special MightyCall settings will be applied for three cases: if a user is busy, on a call, or there is no answer. Click here for more details.

Group call management

Choose to ring multiple phones at the same time or cycle through a list of phone numbers sequentially. Choose this function when you want to alert an entire team to an incoming urgent sale or support call.

How to make a group call

  1. Go to “Call Flows.”
  2. Click on the “Actions” block.
  3. Select “Call Group.”
  4. Configure your group:
  5. Select users or group you would like to call. You can change the order as well.
  6. Define how to call: one by one, at the same time or round robin.
    group calling
  7. Define how long you want the caller to wait before processing the call. If you use a sequential ring sequence, make sure the group timeout is greater than the members’ personal timeouts defined in the personal settings.
  8. Here you can select what sort of ringtone you’d like. You can even use your own media files instead of standard ringtones!
  9. Use “Action on timeout” to define how you’d like to address a call in case there is no answer no answer.
  10. Save changes.

You can also use another options for call handling:


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