What is MightyCall?

MightyCall is a subscription-based, month-to-month virtual phone system. It allows you to receive, review and respond to customer requests from your phone, email, social media or your site or blog. It comes with a business phone number, automated call answering services and connects your team members via their existing phones.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a cell phone (it could even be a landline!) and access to a computer that will allow you to update and manage your account. It’s that simple!

The main features of MightyCall

Local & toll-free numbers

Choose new phone numbers that represent the locations where you do business. Elevate your image with a toll-free number or keep your existing number.

Individual extensions

Create extensions for departments or employees, complete with web-based voicemail and automated call forwarding to existing land lines or mobile phones.

24hr auto-attendant

Answer calls 24 hours a day with a pre-recorded greetings that can include office hours, availability and holiday scheduling. Present callers with a menu of dialing options.

Smart call routing

Establish rules that determine the best way to handle each incoming call, relative to office hours, holiday schedules and recipient availability.

Group call management

Choose to ring multiple phones at the same time or cycle through a list of phone numbers sequentially. This is a great way to alert an entire team of urgent sales or support call all at the same time.

Call screening alerts

Receive incoming call alerts on your business phone prior to accepting the call. Choose to accept, transfer or send the caller directly to voicemail.

No new equipment needed

MightyCall Receptionist is a cloud based service that can be used with existing phones including mobile, land-line and VoiP lines. There is no new hardware required and no software to install.

Web-based voicemail & call logs

Business voice mail for each extension complete with email delivery of messages and online call log availability.

MightyCall ClickConnect pre-integrated

Add click-to-call capabilities to your website and turn more visitors into customers. An easy to install widget and web dialer is pre-programmed to direct callers to your MightyCall Receptionist business phone number.

Call Menus, extension and name dialing

Help callers quickly get to their destination. Provide menu options for departments, enable direct dialing of extensions or a dial-by-name directory.

Start your business journey with MightyCall

No Hardware Needed

No Long Term Contracts