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First settings in your MightyCall account

10 videos | 2-3 minutes each

Setting Call Forwarding
Adding Users
Setting Business Hours
Adding Greetings
Setting Call Flow
Adding 2nd Phone Number
Adding Voicemail Greeting
Using Webphone
Call Recording
Caller ID & CNAME

Setting call forwarding

How to set call forwarding

When your MightyCall virtual phone system receives a call, it redirects it to a phone number tied to a physical phone—a cell phone, landline, VoIP number, or voicemail.

To add a forwarding number or device – go to the profile section in your MightyCall webpanel.

You can also add the MightyCall mobile app, MightyCall webphone or a SIP phone.

MightyCall offers 2 different methods of call distribution:

  • Simultaneous
  • Sequential

You can choose how you want calls forwarded and all the related preferences in the personal area of your MightyCall account.

Call forwarding is a passive feature, so once everything is set up you don’t need to do anything else for it to do its work.

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