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Basic settings in your MightyCall account


Well, for starters, your number will be able to receive calls immediately after registering!

If you put it on your website, business card, in an advertisement on the internet (or wherever!), your clients will be able to call you with it. They’ll hear a greeting (“Hello and thank you for calling”), and will be patched through to the phone number with which you used to register with MightyCall.

However, you can easily configure your settings on your online personal account. Follow the link from the email you received upon registering with us, or simply go to, then click “Sign In”.

1. Download MightyCall’s mobile app

After registering, we strongly recommend installing MightyCall’s mobile app. With the app you can:

  • Receive and make calls with your business number
  • Receive notifications about any event, including missed calls and voicemails
  • View your call history, your tasks and colleague assignments
  • Listen to voicemail and recorded conversations
  • Read and write text messages
  • Check your minutes and top up your mobile balance

You can download the app for iOS by clicking here.

You can download the app for Android by clicking here

MightyCall’s mobile version

2. Add User Extensions

You can invite your colleague to the service and make calls together! For example, spread calls during work or off hours between different employees or create whole groups, such as Sales and Support.

To invite colleagues:

1. Go to the section labeled “Team”, and click the button labeled “Add User”.

invite a user


2. First, input information for the colleague you would like to invite. Please note that you can invite them as either an administrator or a user.

  • If your colleague is made an admin, he will be able to take the same actions as you.
  • If you select the latter option, he will be able to use the service but will not be able to make changes to many of the settings.

When finished, click the button labeled “Send invitation via Email”. The chosen colleague will receive an email through which he will be able to access the service.

invite a user

3. You may add several colleagues and include them in groups (this can be accomplished by clicking “Team” and then “Add Group”.



4. Users added to the group will be accessible in the Call Switch settings. You can also always add users directly when creating new groups.

3. Set Up Your Voicemail

When using default settings, callers will access your voicemail only when:

  • Your status is set to “Do Not Disturb”
  • If for whatever reason you do not answer

Should the caller receive no answer, he will hear the standard voicemail message: “Please leave your message after the tone”.

You can change the voicemail in your personal settings. To do so:

1. Go to your settings (via “Profile”).

set up voicemail


2. Click the tab labeled “Answering Rules”.

Here you can change the automatic message used when you are busy (already talking to someone on the phone), your phone is in Do Not Disturb Mode, or when simply choosing not to respond.

3. In addition, in the tab labeled “Greetings & Media” you can input your own voicemail message.

Directing a call directly to voicemail can be selected as an option during off hours. This will be elaborated on below.

4. Set Your Call Flow

Initially, all calls are directed to the first user who is registered in the service. You can change this by selecting another employee or simply chaining the method used to handle the calls. You can also add/change working hours and black/white lists.

To do so:

1. Go to Call Flows, then click “Incoming Calls”.

2. Click on the bottom “block” with the “Processing” option. Clicking the block will show you the setting for the current processing option. Clicking on the dot icon will reveal the other pressing options.

call flows


3. You can employ any of the following options:

  1. Call to user – the call will be forwarded to one person
  2. Call to group – the call will be forwarded to an entire group, for example, Sales
  3. Call to queue – the call will be sent to a group but first placed in a queue, and will remain there until an employee answers the call or the caller hangs up
  4. Call to non MightyCall number – call any external number
  5. Voicemail – the call will be automatically sent to voicemail. This option in particular is useful during off-hours.
  6. IVR (Voice menu) – the caller will be offered several options (for sales press 1 and so on).
  7. Dial by name – the caller can dial in letters of a employees name instead of a number using the number pad, (for example, John) and if the system recognizes it, the call will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  8. Disconnect – the call will be disconnected.

5. Set your Caller ID

Caller ID is a highly useful feature for figuring out who’s calling you, and more importantly, for branding your business when you make phone calls.

Inbound and outbound Caller ID function a bit differently from each other, so here is how to set up both.

To set inbound calling to show your business number (so you know it’s a business call and not a personal one), go to the “Numbers & Widgets” page on your MightyCall account.

call display control


Click “Call Display Control”.

Then Enable or disable the option to your liking.
call display control

Outbound calling is a bit more involved. To have your company’s name show up when you call someone else, there are mechanisms outside of MightyCall’s control (no voip provider is able to control this alone).

There is a database called CNAM that controls Caller ID for outbound calls. For us, a company called Vitality provides this functionality—but we cannot fully guarantee it will always work, because both you and the person you’re calling need to be registered in the system (through a phone provider) for your company name to appear.

It’s important to note that CNAM is only available for local numbers.

Normally registering in CNAM costs $10, but MightyCall can do it for you at no charge!

To do so, contact our support team at and we will in turn ask Vitality to add Caller ID to your number. All you have to do is to fill out this short form and email to us, and if your number is eligible (we will let you know if it isn’t), your Caller ID will be ready in about a week.

6. Add a Greeting

Be default, callers to your business number will hear three messages:

  1. During working hours: Hello and thank you for calling.
  2. During non-working hours: You’ve reached our office after business hours.
  3. If directed to voicemail: Please leave your message after the tone.

To change these settings:

1. Go to Settings, click “Call Flows”, then click “Incoming Calls”.

2. Click the block labeled “Greetings” – for calls during working or non-working hours.
custom greeting


3. A window with a list of voicemail greetings will open.

  • Download your chosen file from your computer directly to your phone.
  • To record directly from your phone, tap Record via phone and specify the number, for example, your cell phone. The chosen number will be received from the system. After processing (for only a couple seconds) the file will appear.
    custom greeting


  • In order to change your voicemail message:

Click on the username. A window with the personal settings will open. Select the tab labeled “Greetings & Media”. In this tab you’ll find all of the audio files, individualized for each user: music on hold, ringback tone, voicemail greeting and dial by name greeting. You can record your own message for each possible case.
custom greeting


custom greeting


7. Set Your Working Hours

By default, the service processes all calls equally. If you have a company schedule and want to add holidays, do the following steps:

1. Go to “Call Flows”, then click “Incoming Calls”. There you’ll find settings for incoming call processing.

2. Click the block labeled “24 Hours”.
set up business hours


3. Select the option “Have business Hours” (1).

  • Make sure that your timezone is selected (timezone) (2).
  • Select working days and working hours (3). Unselected days and hours will automatically be considered as days off.
  • Add holidays (4).
    set up business hours


4. Click ОК. You will see that there is a separate “branch” for handling calls during non-working hours. You can change the basic greetings and treatment options, if necessary.
set up business hours


5. It is necessary to save your changes by clicking “Save changes”.

8. Add 2nd Number

When registering with the service, you can select either a “toll free” or “local” phone number. After registering, you can chose additional numbers (2, 5 or 10) and add them to your subscription. You can also add numbers as an addon if you need more.

To add a number:

1. Go to the section “Numbers and Web widgets.

Click the button “Add a local or Toll Free Number”.
add extra phone number


2. A window with available toll free or local numbers will open.

Select a number and confirm. This will by default be the main number, but you can create separate rules for it (for example, if you want to use another greeting).

add extra phone number

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