Installing MightyCall Click to Call to WordPress

Configurable all-in-one contact page including company address, clickable phone numbers with click to call, business hours, location map & directions, vCard, social media links and a “contact us” form including call me back and email response options. Widget can inherit theme styles and is mobile optimized. Works in conjunction with MightyCall account for easy configuration changes and tracking of customer requests across a variety of channels your customers use to reach you.

Note. You can only enable the WordPress Plugin and choose how to display the form on your site – as a separate contact page or a sidebar widget. You should configure the MightyCall Contact Form layout and edit the information via the MightyCall service.

How can I install and configure the plugin?

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel. Go to the Plugins section and click on the Add new link.
  2. You can install the plugin in two ways: using WordPress Admin Panel Search Option or using Upload Method.
    • Install a Plugin using WordPress Admin Panel Search Option. Type in the plugin name (MightyCall Contact Form). Then you will see a bunch of listing. Pick the plugin and click the Install link. A lightbox will pop with the plugin information. Here you will see the description, installation method, and other related information about the plugin. Then click on the red Install Now button. Once you click that button, the plugin will be installed. Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the WordPress plugin.
    • Install a Plugin using Upload Method in WordPress Admin Panel. First you would need to download the plugin from the source (which will be a zip file), then go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin | Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab. Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the WordPress plugin.

    You can download the MightyCall Plugin in .zip format logging into MightyCall service, under the Web section, clicking the Get Widget Code.

  3. After installing the MightyCall link will appear in the WordPress menu. You should click on it to continue editing.

How can I get  MightyCall contact WordPress ID?

You should create an account in the MightyCall service to get ID for your WordPress Plugin.

  1. To create your account use the link provided on the MightyCall Plugin section in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Log into your MightyCall account using the link from welcome email you received after registration.
  3. Go to the Web section to configure your widget.
  4. Select the appropriate layout and edit the information. Note. At least one phone number, email and company name are required!  For more details please visit MightyCall Customer Guide, Chapter Web, the Configuring the MightyCall Contact Widget section.
  5. Click on the Get Widget Code button. Choose the WordPress Code tab and copy generated ID. You should paste this ID to the MightyCall ID field at the MightyCall section in your WordPress admin panel.​

How can I configure my MightyCall contact WordPress widget?

You can use MightyCall Contact WordPress Widget as a separate page, as a short code for any page you want or as sidebar widget.

  1. To add a separate Contact page use the check box Add as a new contact page and save changes. New Contact page will be added. Depends on the WordPress theme you use the Contact page could be visible or hidden in your navigation menu.
  2. To get the short code for any WordPress page you want click on the link grab a short code for any other page. Copy the code and paste to desired page.
  3. To add widget to a sidebar go to WordPress widget menu (Appearance | Widgets). You will see two new widgets:
    1. MightyCall ClickConnect Widget – a Click To Call button (instant click-to-call capabilities to your website)
    2. MightyCall Contact Form Widget – a Feedback form (including call me back or email request options)
  4. Drag the desired widget (by clicking and holding with the mouse) to the widget area. You can also edit the title of MightyCall Contact widget, for example “Feedback Form”. After that the MightyCall Contact Widget will be added to the appropriate sidebar.

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