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General and Personal Settings

You can find all your personal settings at the Profile section. Here you can also reset your password if needed.


You can edit:

  • Your First Name and Last Name.
  • Email — this email can be used as a login and for email notifications.
  • Your time zone.
  • Your avatar.

My forwarding numbers

You are able to add up to 3 phone numbers with the basic package. ​For example, your cell phone or a landline. MightyCall allows you to forward all incoming calls to all your phone numbers one by one (sequentially) or at the same time (simultaneously).

  • Sequentially — the phones will ring one-by-one in the order defined in the list (use drag-and-drop to change the order). You can also change how long MightyCall will ring your phone before switching to other contact via the “Timeout” option.
  • Simultaneously — MightyCall will transfer an incoming call to all phone numbers, ringing all connected phones. You can change how long MightyCall will ring your phone via the “Timeout” option.

You can also use a Webphone to make and receive calls using your browser.

Answering rules and presence status

You are also provided with a personal presence status showing whether you’re available to talk or you’re busy. This presence status can be used to define different call handling options.

You can to specify different actions on three situations:

  • your presence is set to Do not disturb — disconnect or leave voicemail;
  • your line is Busy — hold incoming call, disconnect or leave voicemail;
  • in case you Don’t answer —  disconnect or leave voicemail.

Each option can be announced with a default or personal audio message.

To change this, click on the block.


You can edit /change your greetings, music on hold, ringback tones, voicemail instruction, and upload your own greeting for the Dial by Name feature.

  • Voicemail — Personal Receptionist also allows you to customize the voicemail behavior and enable email notifications when new messages arrive.
  • Music on Hold — this option allows to customize music that would be heard by all callers who have been placed on hold.
  • Ringback tone — is an indicator heard on the line by the caller.

Click on the “Add Greeting” button to upload your own media file. You can also record a greeting through your telephone. To record your greeting click “Record via phone” and provide your phone number. MightyCall will initiate a call to this number. Answer the call and record your greeting after hearing the “beep.” Hang up the call to complete the recording.

Additional settings

  • Share my Voicemails with my team via Activities — all team members will be able to listen to your voicemails.
  • Dial by Name — the Dial-by-name feature allows callers to find a person by specifying their name instead of an extension. A caller will be prompted to enter the first few letters of a person’s first or last name using their phone’s keypad to confirm the connection.
  • Enable Call Screening — MightyCall supports Call Screening mode, which allows you to pre-moderate all incoming calls before you are connected to the caller.

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