Several phone numbers in a single phone system

Several projects and a private life? Separate them!

Several phone numbers in a single phone system

The MightyCall virtual phone system supports several phone numbers

MightyCall supports not one but multiple business numbers in a single telephone system. For example, a number for each state plus a toll-free number. Our phone system will handle calls to these numbers according to the rules specified by you.

These rules can be the same for all phone numbers or individual for each number:

  • regardless of called number, the phone system can replay the same greeting or music on hold (or different for each state);
  • you can set the same (or different) call queues;
  • you can have same extensions for all employees.

Use as many phone numbers in MightyCall, as you need!

And all this in a single system, the MightyCall virtual phone system!

Virtual numbers delivered by MightyCall

You can use toll-free numbers or local numbers in any area, including vanity, in the function of business access numbers.

In addition, to receive incoming calls directly from the company website, you can use the Click-to-Call widget.

What is the advantage of several numbers?

Many telephone systems support only one business number.

But we believe that the ability to have more than one number is important. It allows you to split incoming calls to multiple channels and to handle them in different ways. For example, you can:

  • Receive calls just from your website,
  • Conduct advertising campaigns with temporary phone numbers,
  • Use both local and toll-free numbers side by side,
  • Merge branch offices in different cities into a single telephone network,
  • Separate several projects,
  • Separate calls from clients of different types. Such as prospects, customers who made a product purchase, and customers who made an extended support purchase.

Called number routing

If you have a few business access numbers, you can set up specific call routing scheme for each phone number. Among other things, you can set for each number specific:

At the same time, the business phone system keeps integrity:

  • A single list of employees
  • Uniform dial plan
  • A single list of custom greetings
  • Common rules of personal call receiving
  • Common ‘available’ or DND statuses of coworkers
  • A general system of statistics and reporting

Which number to display

You have a choice of which number to show to an employee in a case of incoming call. It can be

  • either the caller (customer) number or
  • one of the called business numbers of your virtual phone system.

The correct solution depends on the business situation. What preliminary information is more valuable for successful conversation: a caller identification or knowing the reason for his call.

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Use as many phone numbers in MightyCall, as you need!

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