Multiple business phone numbers in a single phone system

The MightyCall virtual phone system supports multiple business phone numbers

MightyCall supports not just a single business phone number, but multiple numbers all within a single telephone system. You can set up different call flows and call rules for every number you have enabled and MightyCall will handle calls to each number accordingly.

If your business works across state lines, has multiple employees constantly on-the-go, wants to test different marketing campaigns or is simply growing, having multiple phone numbers can help you organization all the different spheres of your company.

Business phone numbers

What is the advantage of multiple business phone numbers?

Many telephone systems support only one business number, but we believe that the ability to have more than one number is important. Having multiple numbers allows you to split incoming calls to different, more specialized channels and to handle them in different ways. For example, for a specific number you could:

  • Receive calls only from your website,
  • Conduct advertising campaigns with temporary phone numbers,
  • Use both local and toll-free numbers side by side,
  • Merge branch offices in different buildings into a single telephone network, &
  • Separate projects and caller types.

How will I track incoming calls on multiple numbers?

Caller ID, which is and always has been a fundamental telephone feature. With Caller ID you can tag both incoming and outgoing calls so you know who’s calling and others know your company is calling them.

For outgoing calls, there is a system called CNAM that you will need to register for if you want your company name coming up when you call others (MightyCall can help you get this done for free).

Of course, having multiple numbers impacts incoming calls more, as you need to know which number any call is coming in on to answer appropriately. To make it crystal clear which of your business numbers is getting a call, you can use Caller ID to tag your own numbers.

Business phone numbers

Called number routing

If you have more than one active business number, you can set up specific call routing schemes for each one. You can tinker and adjust quite a few things for each number, although the following customizable options have the greatest impact on the system’s operation:

Business phone numbers

Despite having multiple numbers, some uniform things like system statistics, an employee list, and your saved custom greetings will remain constant for each business number.

With multiple business numbers organization becomes a breeze—apples over here, oranges over there, and so on. After you see how much easier controlling your business is with several numbers, you’ll never go back to a single one again.

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