Several business phone numbers in a single phone system

The MightyCall virtual phone system supports several business phone numbers

MightyCall supports not one but multiple business numbers in a single telephone system. Our phone system will handle calls to these numbers according to the rules you specify for each.

If your business works across state lines, has multiple employees constantly on-the-go, or is simply growing, having multiple phone numbers can help you organization your company’s different aspects.

MightyCall’s business phone numbers

What is the advantage of several numbers?

Many telephone systems support only one business number, but we believe that the ability to have more than one number is important. It allows you to split incoming calls to multiple channels and to handle them in different ways. For example, for a specific number you can:

  • Receive calls only from your website,
  • Conduct advertising campaigns with temporary phone numbers,
  • Use both local and toll-free numbers side by side,
  • Merge branch offices in different cities into a single telephone network, &
  • Separate projects and caller types.

Called number routing

If you have a few business access numbers, you can set up specific call routing scheme for each phone number. Among other things, you can set for each number specific:

MightyCall’s called number routing


Despite having multiple numbers, some uniform things like system statistics, an employee list, and your saved custom greetings will remain constant for each business number.

With multiple business numbers organization becomes a breeze—apples over here, oranges over there, and so on. After you see how much easier controlling your business is with several numbers, you’ll never go back to a single one again.

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