Why MightyCall is the Best Alternative to RingCentral

RingCentral’s offerings have undergone some changes lately. Firstly, they have changed the names, from “Pro” and “Office” to “Small Business” and “Enterprise”. The problem with their previous plans was that there was a significant gap between the value they offered large businesses and small businesses, but the changes have not corrected that.

RingCentral’s Small Business plans

RingCentral is an industry leader and a great product, but it is so much better for big business. Their Small Business plans are even more expensive now than before, and the company still insists on pushing annual contracts on customers. They offer a 7-day free trial, but that is not close to being enough time to comfortably hand over 12 months of pay.

Here are the monthly prices for their Small Business plans (these numbers are per user**):

  • $29.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 100 toll-free minutes;
  • $34.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 1,000 toll-free minutes;
  • $44.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 2,500 toll-free minutes; and
  • $59.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 10,000 toll-free minutes.

The $29.99 plan does not offer a multi-level auto-attendant either, which indicates that RingCentral sees that option as something for a solo entrepreneur—which makes it one of the most expensive options out there for people who run a solo business.

The $34.99 plan also is lacking—it doesn’t come with call recording, voicemail transcription, or any integration. If you have 2 users registered, you’d be paying $70 a month and missing out on a host of advanced features.

While the 2 more expensive “Small Business” options have enough included and an adequate amount of minutes, the prices are not in line with most “Small Business” owners’ interests. To make proper use of the minutes provided and team-based features you’d need to have multiple users in the system, which means that, when paying $44.99 or $59.99 a month per user, your monthly bill would be north of $200. Like we mentioned at the top—those margins are more in line with big business, not small.

Even worse? RingCentral heavily “suggests” renting or buying special hardware (phones and equipment) to maximize your use of the system. If you read the fine print on their site, you’ll notice that you have to rent the equipment (at higher rates) unless you sign a multi-year contract (pretty manipulative, right?) That means you can’t set the system up entirely within an afternoon and your upfront cost will be hundreds of dollars.

Comparing MightyCall and RingCentral

No matter how good RingCentral’s system is and no matter how many people recommend it, there gets to be a point where you need to think about your bottom line. Why pay triple, quadruple, or more for RingCentral over MightyCall?

  • MightyCall doesn’t require any hardware
  • You can set up MightyCall and start calling within 10 minutes
  • We don’t trap you in long-term contracts
  • We give you unlimited users and extensions
  • Our plans have more minutes and cheaper minutes
  • Our plans have just as many, if not more features.



Price per month $ 19.99* $ 29.99**
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 1
Minutes Included 1 000 100
Long-term contract No Yes
Additional hardware No Yes
Text messages Unlimited Unlimited
User extentions Unlimited $ 29.99 per user
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Business hours Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes
Call queue Yes Yes
Auto-attendant Yes No
Conference calling Yes No
Availability status Yes No
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes No
Click-to-Call Widget Yes No
Contact Us Widget Yes No
Call Back Widget Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
Custom main greeting Yes No
*Basic plan **Essentials plan


RingCentral is a good, reliable system, but it doesn’t work as seamlessly as it could for small businesses, and its Small Business options don’t measure well against competitors.
If you want plans and flexibility that better fit you, make the switch today.If you’re already a RingCentral (or any virtual phone system) user and you want to give us a try, we can port in your existing virtual number for free to get you started.
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With MightyCall, you don’t just have a virtual phone system with some features, you have a transportable communication center for you and your business at an affordable price.

Pick the right plan for your business

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If you already have a virtual phone number, we can port it in for free so you can keep using it.


1000 minutes
2 Toll Free or Local Numbers


5000 minutes
5 Toll Free or Local Numbers


15000 minutes
10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call Recording

Voice to Text


Softphones & Hardphones

All plans include

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Unlimited Text Messaging

    Customizable Call Routing


  • Webphone

    Conference Calls

    Call Queues

    Voicemail to Email

  • Custom Greetings

    Performance Reports

    Facebook & Twitter Integration

    Web Widgets

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No long term contracts

  • You can change your plan anytime