Why Entrepreneurs Need A Professional Phone Greeting

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
11 August 2014 Business Insights, Tips and Tricks

First impressions matter. That’s true for the dating scene, and it’s true for when customers call you for the first time.

This means that the kind of phone recording that they hear needs to be professional. Do it right, and you gain instant credibility. Do it wrong, and you might lose a business opportunity.

Professional phone greetings for all

It’s a good thing, then, that with cloud-based virtual phone systems, every company, even the smallest one-person operation, can customize exactly what they want customers to hear when they call in.

Pick your own voice talent from dozens of options. Even write your own refreshingly different script to directly address your customers. Today, it’s possible with professional and customized recordings that are easy, fast and affordable. So, even solo, one-man operations such as merchants selling services or goods online can have a big brand image.

The best virtual phone systems allow you to upload a differently customized greeting for different groups of callers and for different departments or employees in your company. They even allow you to easily set up a special message for the holidays, for example.

Voice still matters

Why do we still bother with the phone, you may ask, since consumers are turning to other channels like social media and e-mail. The answer, once again, lies in making a great first impression.

Despite the proliferation of other channels, not all of them elicit as emotional a response as a call does. And a business phone line is often still the first channel that people turn to if they want an immediate response.

Silence on the phone while a customer waits on the line will create some of the most awkward moments you can have. The same is true with poorly-recorded greetings that don’t sound clear or sound amateurish. How can you offer great customer service — or sell something — if your customer cannot hear you or take you seriously?

It’s time to banish those outdated ways of thinking about voice recordings. Today’s technology brings customized and professional phone greetings that elevate a company’s credibility and helps build the foundation for a long-term relationship with customers new and old.

Businesses absolutely need a professionally made voice greeting that creates the best impression possible when a customer calls in.

Like it or not, that old voice channel still makes instant heroes and wannabes of companies in the minds of many customers.

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