Texting Your Way to the Top

For millennials, emails are a thing of the past. Phone calls and voicemail = the devil. The way to reach a millennial audience is through social media and text messaging. SMS marketing offers simple solutions and brings you closer to your clients without costing you an arm and leg.

The Devil in Marketing

Phones are a millennial’s best friend, but you’d better not call a millennial with your ‘great’ offer or campaign. Seen as a massive invasion of privacy and a waste of time unless you were initially called, calling is professional suicide in a millennial world. While millennials still make calls and answer the phone, this privilege is saved for friends and family – everyone else is just invading personal space.

On another note, emails – who doesn’t have a junk email these days and how often do you actually open something in there? I only periodically go in there to delete all the ‘junk’ emails. I give this special email address to all of the stores, subscription requests, anyone who isn’t friend or family and I never look back!

If you want to reach millennials these days, a social media or text messaging campaign would go a long way. What’s even better is that it requires less effort from your marketing team and takes up less of your budget.

business text messaging

So Simple It’s Stupid

Sometimes less is more. Text messaging is such a simple solution that it’s actually stupid! Texts reach your clients IMMEDIATELY. You can quickly send out reminders about their scheduled appointments and promptly notify them of any delays or cancellations and vice versa. Your company can promptly be notified of any problems your customers may have and can even check in on their situation for periodic updates. They will feel like you really care about them and you will go up in their books.

business text messages

Hanging Out with Your Customers

You’re going to be in their pockets, literally! Customer satisfaction and engagement are bound to improve when you’re always there for them. Sending out tips and advice are effortless ways for you to increase your value to your followers. Personalized messages with well wishes for birthdays or promotions are a quick way to connect and come closer with your customers.

The benefits of incorporating text messaging to your marketing strategy are clear. Increased customer engagement and satisfaction, decrease in marketing expenses and boost in sales, website visits and stores.  So, if you haven’t already incorporated a text messaging strategy into your business, what are you waiting for?

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