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Pop-Up Stores Transform Holiday Retail for E-Commerce

This holiday season, pop-up stores are taking over the retail scene with unprecedented vigor. As fantastic marketing, sales, and social engagement generators for both e-commerce and retail giants, pop-up stores “now represent approximately $10 billion in sales revenue and claim brands like Amazon, Facebook, Target, Pantone, and Good Housekeeping as participants,” Inc. reports

Without the need to invest in store rental on a permanent basis, pop-up stores are the ideal compromise for e-commerce entrepreneurs. With a pop-up shop, an e-commerce based business can forget about the challenges of off-season sales and connect to wider audiences during the peak times of the year when their business is most profitable. 

Pop-up retail is also the best way to give your business exposure during the busiest season of the year: the post-Thanksgiving through Christmas holiday shopping sprees. 

What is a pop-up store?

Pop-up stores are temporary or seasonal stores (often kiosks) that can be set up in practically any location. There are several general types of pop-up stores:

  • Store-within-a-store  — this pop-up model means renting out a portion of a store where your products can be displayed
  • Kiosks/booths/stands —kiosks and product stands can be placed anywhere — even in the middle of a street but they are most popular in shopping mall hallways and at local markets
  • Co-working and event spaces  — very popular locations for pop up retail, these locations have to be booked in advance if you want to be in for a specific time-frame
  • Short-term storefront rental — a great way to test out if you’re ready for a real shop. Grab these offers while they’re available, and make sure your rental contract isn’t long-term if you’re planning to move out by the end of the season.

Consumers love pop-up stores because they offer the same kinds of niche products customers usually shop online for. Unlike online stores though, a physical pop-up store lets customers see and touch the products in a live environment. This way, consumers get the best shopping experience of both worlds — the unique market range of online goods and the convenience of real shopping experience.

pop-up store icon

Even retail giants need pop-up stores

It may seem like retail giants such as Macy’s and Kohl’s have huge enough presence to not worry about the perks of pop-up shops. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

As early as this weekend, Kohl’s is opening up a holiday pop-up shop in NYC and Macy’s is in full swing with their new Macy’s STORY concept.

After acquiring STORY in 2018, Macy’s has been reinventing shopping with an immersive experience seemingly materialized from an Instagram-perfect story. Having started out with the delicious Color STORY, Macy’s pop up stores switch narrative every few months to present products and brands around a single theme. This holiday season, Macy’s is featuring a cozy log cabin stuffed with holiday goodies and giftables. 

Pop in at your nearest Macy’s STORY pop-up store for the fantastic experience and the inspiration!

pop-up store ecommerce

Pop-up stores for e-commerce

If you’re in e-commerce, a pop-up store can bring you some great benefits along with terrific exposure of your brand — elements that are sure to spill over into both the “real” and online worlds.

What are the benefits of a pop-up store for e-commerce? Let’s look into a few stats:

  • 80% of global retailers who opened a pop-up store said it was a success. 
  • Opening up a pop-up shop cost them less than $5,000, according to 44% survey respondents 
  • 51% of respondents noted increased market visibility, while 46% noted increased sales and another 46% a boost in social media engagement, according to the same survey.
  • Rent for a pop-up store is as low as 20% of regular rates
  • A pop-up store is a win-win for online and regular shoppers: by giving your online followers a live space to try out and test your products, you’re also marketing your online store to regular shoppers

In addition to the above benefits, a pop-up shop model creates a sense of urgency and excited anticipation for your customers. Knowing that your store will be there only for a short time, consumers stand a great chance of grabbing that terrific product or deal without putting it off “for later”.

Whatever your niche and store location,  design your pop-up store with Instagram-worthy sharing in mind. Don’t forget to put up posters or other ads with specific hashtags to make sharing easy. These will promote your business across social media channels and ensure that your success continues to build, regardless of the shopping season or location of your store.

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