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How to Port a Phone Number from AT&T to MightyCall

When you want to switch telephone providers, realizing you’ll have to port a phone number from one company to another can at first seem like it’s going to be an incredibly un-fun, tedious, and long process. And, well, this is understandable, since you’re probably leaving your provider due to customer service issues or other reasons relating to the process.

But fear not! Because porting a phone number over to MightyCall is actually a cinch. You’ll need some information to start out with, and just a smidge of patience (but don’t worry, not a whole batch of it!) and you’ll have your number ported in no time, and at no extra cost.

Below are the 5 short steps you’ll need to take if you want to port a phone number from AT&T to MightyCall.

Jump right in:

1. Get Your CSR and Your Newest Phone Bill

These two pieces of information are going to go a long way in helping you complete the process (the former isn’t absolutely mandatory but it’s unlikely you’ll succeed without it; the second you’ll definitely need).

A CSR is a “Customer Service Report,” which is information that you’ll need to be able to give to MightyCall when you port your number over. Theoretically, you could know this information already, but you probably don’t. If when you read this you don’t instinctively know what a CSR is, you’ll want to get it. Simply request it from your current company.

The most recent phone bill is, well, your most recent phone bill. Rather straightforward.

2. Get Started on MightyCall

This one is short and sweet: create an account on MightyCall.com. You’ll need it so that MightyCall will have a place to which they can port your number over. It’s an incredibly easy, painless process and only takes a few minutes.

3. Fill Out the Required Form to Port Your Phone Number

MightyCall likes to make things as easy as possible for folks wishing to switch from AT&T. We’ve set up a handy form to port your phone number. The information we’ll need on your side is just some basic stuff (your name, your email, and your account type). And remember, at MightyCall, porting a number costs zero extra dollars on your side.

On that page, you’ll also notice some downloadable documents. Pick from those depending on which describe you, fill them out and sign them (among them is a Letter of Authorization, which allows MightyCall to port your number over- signing this is legally essential!), and then upload them back to the form.

4. Standing on PINS and Needles- you’re almost there!

Next, you will need to ask AT&T for a unique pin, which MightyCall will need to finish the port process.

5. Hurry Up and Wait

Fortunately, your waiting won’t be long! It’s usually quick to port a phone number, taking 1-2 weeks. If it’s a unique sort of number it can take longer, but that’s unlikely. You’ll hear back via email whether it was a success or not. If it was a failure, MightyCall will be able to tell you AT&T’s official reason, but as they are not always detailed in their reasonings, you’ll have to take it up with them.

Final word

Thanks to our free number porting, you don’t have to choose between keeping your familiar business number and switching to a service more adapted to your needs. Neither do you have to pay an extra penny for this handy service!

Porting a phone number from AT&T to MightyCall is an extremely friendly process that has already been embraced by thousands of small businesses looking into better deals. What’s stopping you from making the move?

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