Digital Sanity Summit 2020 Helps Families Navigate the Digital World

As the world is battling a pandemic of health, social, and economic crises, peace of mind is gold.  But for parents who’re suddenly springing into remote work mode while taking up the challenge of homeschooling  — both perhaps for the first time in their lives —  the current time can be immensely stressful.

How do you get children to learn, not just fight over devices when all you’re rightly concerned about is their health?  What’s a good way to stay psychologically healthy in times of social isolation? And how do you create safe digital environments and boundaries when everyone’s world is limited to online?

These are just some of the questions the organizers behind Digital Sanity Summit 2020 have posed to 18+ industry experts.

The Digital Sanity Summit 2020 is a FREE event happening live from March 30-April 3, held in a strictly online format. It will feature over 18 interviews with global experts in both tech and parenting fields. These interviews will be available to all participants and will give practical advice on digital life in the circumstances of disruption that COVID-19 brought into our everyday lives.

 “Parents across the world are facing this challenge:  how do we work—and parent— with technology in this extraordinary moment. We sought out experts from all over the world to speak to the issues and solutions we need right now,” explains ImpactPARENT’s co-founder and world-renowned parenting coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

If you’re in a place of doubt and uncertainty right now regarding balancing your professional life with new perspectives of digital parenting, now is a great time to take a breath and learn more. On its part, the Digital Sanity Summit 2020 will help turn current self-isolation into a fruitful time where new opportunities for family learning and new connections emerge.

Registration for Digital Sanity Summit 2020 is open and FREE for all participants. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to help yourself navigate the digital parenting world with ease.

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