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A/B Testing Method to Successful Online Flirting


As my father would say to me going through the growing pains and the first world struggles of middle school and puberty, “son there comes a time in every man’s life where he feels the need to look for a woman.”

This goes just as equally for the men as it does for the females in that we all feel the need for partnership. Just like the thought of winning the lottery, it’s wishful thinking that the right person will eventually come in your life sweeping off your feet.

Rather than wish for it to happen, you’ll have to obviously go out there and chase after your prince charming or the girl of your dreams and expectations.

How can I find that one person I can find love with?

Well, as my dad would also say, “you have the internet son!” In this day and age who has the need to go up to people with the guarantee that you’ll be called a “creep” at the bar? If you’re not about that then you’ll probably use popular sites and apps like Tinder or OkCupid, great ground for meeting people without being face to face.

Here at MightyCall we love A/B testing using phone numbers and these platforms offer a great opportunity to become a “scientist” or better yet a “flirt scientist” using two different numbers that route back to your personal cell phone without actually using your personal number.

This is A/B testing dating approaching using different phone numbers is great as it adds no real repercussions as you can later erase these associated numbers and keep contact of the people you actually connected with.

See if offering your number on the spot could get you anywhere based on your flirting skills, variation in a picture or even a different description on your “about.”

Here’s the A/B phone number testing in action (including other general advice on hitting on people on these apps) by varying the approach in which you message an individual:

Overall goal:

Get a callback from potential dates you see online by using two different phone numbers associated with your personal phone.

Step One:

Pick two dating sites, in this example we’ll go with both Tinder and OkCupid. Ideally have two of the same picture with the same description. The only variation is the way approach an individual.

Test A:

Let’s go on Tinder for this one.

Here try out the variation of approaching someone by using the words, cute, sexy, or beautiful.

Suggested approaches:

Hey you’re cute, how are you?

Hey beautiful, how are you?

If you happen to have a conversation with them at some point insist (in a smooth way) in giving away your number and give away version one of your routed number.

Test B:

This time on OkCupid try a different variation of approaching and this time replace the words you used on Tinder with awesome, fun, cool, or nice.

Suggested approaches:

Hey you seem awesome, how are you?

What a fun picture you seem to have on your profile, how are you?

Again, if you happen to have a conversation, insist (in a smooth way) in giving away your version two of your number.

Step Three:

See what numbers called the most based on the approaches of each site. This is great in seeing what actually worked between two approaches for you personally and use that knowledge to better pickup people online.

If you’re up for the challenge, get two numbers that route with your personal phone number, get on those dating sites, and see how far one variation of a pickup line can make a difference! If you need help getting two numbers that route to your personal phone, check out our free account option on our MightyCall homepage.

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