Five Things To Do When Starting Your Own Business

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
18 October 2014 Business Insights, Tips and Tricks

If you are thinking of starting your own business, here are a few basic building blocks you need to consider to establish your credibility.

Maybe you are a stay-home parent ready to do something else, or maybe you are a student in college wanting to get some experience with starting your own gig or even earn some extra money.

Perhaps you are someone who hates your job, and are looking for a way to build your own business on the side.

No matter, the following are super important tips from one of my favorite authors and coaches, Michael Port.

Michael identifies a few of what he calls standard credibility builders that every company needs to do well, and they resonate with us:

  1. A decent website — if you are not a tech person, site builders like Wix do a good job of keeping it simple and looking great.
  2. A professional email address (so, not but
  3. Get good head shots taken. Do not skimp on this one, or try to do it yourself! Pick one that is formal and super professional-looking, one that is informal but still professional, and one that is intentionally casual. The first for business cards and collateral that you hand out, the next two for your website.
  4. Well-made business cards. Again, do not try to DIY this as it would reflect very poorly on you. I like because they provide great templates, and nice, thick cards that will wow your prospects and customers.

Every new business also needs this

I would add a fifth to Michael’s basic four:

Get a virtual phone system that is bundled with a local or toll-free number. This system should be stupid simple to set up (read, no new hardware or cabling) that allows you to save money by having a virtual receptionist that will take messages and route phone numbers to your cell without ever giving away your private number.

If it has an activity queue to track your customer calls, emails, tweets and posts and let you share the response of these customer inquiries with other members of your team on your smartphones, even better! For more details, see this info-graphic.

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