8X8 or MightyCall?

Alternatives8X8 vs MightyCall

8X8 has been in the business VoIP market for over a decade, earning themselves a solid reputation along the way. 8X8 has been around in some capacity since the 1980s, so they predate most of their competitors. Likewise, over its existence, the company has been granted 150 U.S. patents for voice and video communication technology.

Since their business voip service is charged per user, it is often compared to and offered as an alternative to Ring Central. This isn’t quite accurate however, as 8X8 lacks some advanced features to fully compete with Ring Central (and Ring Central is far from perfect).

8X8 Pros.

Where 8X8 thrives is international calling. They have cornered that section of the market like no other business VoIP provider.

If you can navigate their site past the overwhelming focus on talking to a salesperson, you’ll find their unlimited plans: X2, X5, and X8. While you still need to contact sales for a specific quote, the listed prices are $25 per user, $35 per user, and $55 per user, respectively.

For X2, you get unlimited calling and fax to 14 countries, with X5 that number jumps to 32 countries, and X8 (the premier plan) offers unlimited calling and fax to 46 countries. Some business VoIP providers don’t even offer international numbers, so you can see why 8X8 is probably your best option if your business deals span the globe.

Appropriately, 8X8 is officially compliant with HIPAA, PCI, and FISMA, so if your company deals with sensitive information, there’s no need to worry about the system.

Some of the other positives of the service are:

  • They port your business phone number for free (as MightyCall does)
  • Automatic Caller Distribution Queueing to send calls to available employees
  • Call park
  • Voicemail to email
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • A mobile app that can make calls

8X8 Cons.

However, there are plenty of flaws with 8X8’s offers. First off, it’s a major headache to actually get a proper quote despite relatively clear prices being posted on the website. Their sales team will follow the script beat-by-beat, essentially taking a half hour to record every possible aspect of your business to give you a quote you probably could have guessed before the call.

Entrepreneurs are busy—they typically aren’t able to spare a couple hours to set up a system that is afraid you’ll make a mistake if you do it yourself—and God forbid you do, because switching plans isn’t easy (which explains the long-winded sales pitch).

Likewise, the biggest drawbacks to 8X8 are the unnecessary fees that they seemingly charge for everything. It’s important to note that most industry providers do not charge fees, let alone mandatory fees.

  • 8X8’s activation fee is $39.99, and it’s mandatory.
  • 8X8’s cancellation fee is $59.99, and it’s mandatory.


The outrageousness of those numbers alone renders the presence of a 30-day free trial moot (and the free trial only offers 250 minutes).

Something else that isn’t clear until you’re in the clutches of one of their sales representatives is that the unlimited calling of the X2, X5, and X8 plans is only applicable for local numbers. For a toll-free number (which are important for a national presence, especially if you’re calling abroad), you’ll be charged an extra $4.99 a month (simply for having a toll-free number) plus the minutes plan you’ll have to purchase. And of course, a one-time $9.99 activation fee.

What about scalability? If you want it cheaply, look elsewhere:

  • Additional virtual phone numbers are $4.99 a month with a $9.99 activation fee
  • Extensions are $9.99 a month and carry a $19.99 activation fee
  • Need to scale back your business? Too bad! There are deactivation fees for each extension as well.

Even with comparable pricing per user to industry standards, excessive activation fees means starting or even adjusting your virtual phone system will be a pain in the neck with 8X8.

Additionally, 8X8 doesn’t offer vanity numbers, doesn’t include call recording on the X2 plan, and doesn’t have 24/7 customer support, only running it for normal business hours (which admittedly is true of MightyCall as well).

With fees everywhere and for everything, per user prices that are hardly cheap, and no true scalability to speak of, it’s not surprising that only 69% of 8X8 users would recommend the service.

If you don’t spend most of your business day calling internationally, 8X8 is far from your best choice.

8×8 alternative: MightyCall



Price per month$ 39.99 / team*$ 25.95 / user**
Minutes IncludedUnlimitedUnlimited
Activation feeNo$ 39.99
User extensionsUnlimited$ 9.99 per user
Local or Toll-free numbers51
Vanity searchYes, for freeNo
Business hoursYesYes
Business contact bookYesNo
Mini-CRM functionalityYesNo
Call recordingYesYes
Voicemail & transcriptionYesYes
Call forwardingYesYes
Call QueueYesNo
Conference callingYesYes
Website WidgetsYesNo
Social Media trackingYesNo
*Standatd plan**X2 plan

If you’re looking to make the switch to MightyCall and you wish to keep your number, we’ll port your current virtual number in for free.