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  • We serve 50,000 happy customers

  • Our customers use 5 MILLION phone minutes a month.

  • Our cutting-edge technology brings you only the highest quality sound.

  • We provide 1,500 toll-free and 650,000 local numbers to choose from.

MightyCall is a Seattle-based technological company that aims to help businesses both big and small to simplify and improve their customer service.

MightyCall was founded in 1999 as a revolutionary Cloud-based program designed to serve small businesses. Known then as Infratel, the company has since combined the power of mobile apps and the Cloud to make a unified platform to support businesses. This platform, serving over 50,000 entrepreneurs, ensures that your business will run as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with first class customer service and support so you can focus on what your company does best.

Product Reviews

Happy Customers

  • Jay-Shott

    Jason Shott

    Diambondback Development LLC, Mooresville, NC
    MightyCall’s call forwarding, call recording, and other features enable us to work efficiently from multiple satellite offices without having to use an overly complex phone system.
  • Scott Stephens

    Founder, Creative Genie
    MightyCall makes communication easier for less. To have a toll-free presence and a hundred people on it for a few dollars a month is crazy.
  • Andres Gonzalez

    Andres Gonzalez

    Vortex Power Washing
    MightyCall has helped me manage three business phone numbers. A big plus is that their customer support is live and quick! I couldn't ask for more!
  • Kevin Lake, President and Co-Owner, AquariaGuru

    Kevin Lake

    With MightyCall, I am competing effectively by showing that we are a team of professionals that you would want to do business with.
  • Joe Lehnerd, CEO, GoNMF

    Joe Lehnerd

    I really like that my customers can click-and-call from my webpage, or call my business number, and those calls come to my cellphone.
  • Jay Dokken, UI Stencils, Customer Review

    Jay Dokken

    UI Stencils
    MightyCall has solved the small business problem of having to install expensive VOIP or land lines. MightyCall is a great solution for businesses with 5-15 employees.
  • Brannon Riceci

    Brannon Riceci

    No one makes calls from their desks anymore, so it’s a huge plus that my managers can use MightyCall on their phones to return calls without their personal numbers showing

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