Free VoIP Communications offer for Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Municipalities & Non-Profit Organizations as a response to Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus outbreak completely altering the business and social landscape for the time being, we know all businesses are under increased pressure to abide by public safety, care for their employees, and keep the lights on.

To try and help, we’re offering healthcare and education companies, non-profit organizations and local government offices 3 months of MightyCall for free, no strings attached.

You’ll have access to inbound and outbound calling, call recording, your company’s communications history, unlimited extensions, multiple phone numbers, IVR, voicemail and conference calling so your company can organize its community response and keep track of things without worrying about cash flow. There is no hardware needed since MightyCall runs on your phones and computers, so setup only takes a few minutes!

To get this offer, please fill out this form and contact our support team: