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How Many Phone Numbers Do You Have?

Business Communications from MightyCall

The number of mobile phones is expected to exceed the world’s population this year, according to the International Telecommunications Union. Of course, many people, especially in developing countries, don’t have a cell phone. So this means that among those with mobile phones, many have a primary and secondary phone (the second one for work, most likely).

In addition, lots of us also have a Skype, Google Voice and Viber number. Some still hold onto landline phones because we’ve had those numbers for years and don’t want to lose them, even if we barely use our landlines anymore.

But let me ask you: Does having multiple phone numbers make your life easier? More importantly, does it make it easier for others — especially customers — to reach you?

Technology has greatly improved our productivity, in so many ways. When it comes to phone numbers, however, that’s not always the case. Often, when I look up people in my contacts, I discover they have as many as five numbers. It’s up to me to guess which is best to call. And sometimes, I find out that not all the numbers are up to date.

One number may be all you need

Now let me tell you about MightyCall — the company I got so excited about that I joined them recently to run their Marketing and North American operations.

MightyCall lets any small business use one dedicated phone number, which can be routed to one or more existing phone lines — such as a smartphone or landline phone you don’t use anymore but don’t want to get rid of.

You can tell MightyCall to route business calls to your private smartphone, but only during business hours. And when you return a business call from your personal smartphone, the person you’re calling will see the business phone number on their caller ID — not your private smartphone number. Small business users such as GoNMF appreciate the ability to keep their private numbers private.

Because customers see your business number, those who call back will be routed into your MightyCall queue, where your whole team can help answer calls instantly. This helps you avoid leaving customers in the cold, and from missing prospects.

Returning calls promptly can turn into a significant competitive advantage, as Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru discovered. Lake says MightyCall has given him a competitive edge because when he’s not available, MightyCall automatically routes incoming calls and messages to his available colleagues.

BokeBowl is a small restaurant chain that uses MightyCall to greet incoming customer calls with an advanced voice selection menu. The menu helps callers get answers to their most frequently asked questions and routes their calls to appropriate team members across multiple locations.

After helping Acumatica become the fastest-growing cloud solution for SMBs, I’m really excited to join MightyCall. We’re working hard to solve an urgent challenge that all small businesses face: managing and improving communications with customers and prospects.

I’ll be posting to this blog regularly to share tips, best practices, and customer stories that illustrate how MightyCall can help small businesses turn “noise” into action.