Worried about working from home? Don’t be!

work from home

With the way the Coronavirus situation is unfolding within the United States and around the globe, it looks like we’re all going to be in it for the long haul. That means working from home is the new norm for months, and potentially even permanently depending on how the economy looks when things do inevitably reopen.

Maybe working from home hasn’t been your cup of tea because you’ve been unable to avoid distractions or aren’t used to new technologies (or maybe the overwhelming stress of the situation is getting to you, as it is with so many of us), but we’re here to tell you that with VoIP and MightyCall, doing your job from the comfort of your home can be as relaxing and promising as you’ve always imagined it being.

Here are some questions you may have about using the system, and why concerns about them are unfounded:


How am I supposed to do business when the company phone is still at the office?

In 2020 the traditional office phones are no longer necessary, even if you’d been using one up to the Coronavirus outbreak. You don’t need to risk your health by trekking across the city to retrieve the phone so you can keep using that business number.

With VoIP, all the business numbers providers offer are virtual, which means they aren’t tied to a physical phone. Better yet, we can port in your business number for free in about a week if you want to make the switch to MightyCall!


How does the software work without phones?

When we advertise ‘no hardware needed’, we’re telling the truth. You don’t need to buy or rent desk phones or having any wiring installed. The entirety of the software runs on a smart phone (which nearly every American has nowadays) or on a desktop computer. Once you subscribe and download the app, you’re ready to go.

That translates to a simpler system, setup within minutes, absolutely no upkeep on your end, and lower overall costs.

work from home


Will my personal phone number be secure if I’m using my own cell phone for business calls?

Yes, when you sign up with a VoIP provider you’re getting a 2nd number, that while connected to your physical cell phone, isn’t connected to your personal number in any way. That means you can do business freely without putting your private number out in the world for spammers and the nefarious-intentioned out there.


How can I tell between a business and personal call?

Since you’re using one phone with two numbers routing to it, you need to understand what type of calls are coming in. Our Caller ID feature makes that clear with both outbound and inbound identification.

For inbound calls (those you get), there is a simple switch in your MightyCall profile page that you can turn on that will mark every call to your business number with your business name (which you can create by adding your virtual business number as a contact in your phone). Better yet, with our Contact Book Plus feature, you can keep contact lists for business, which means you’ll know that a call is a) for business, and b) who is specifically calling.

You can brand your outgoing calls (those you make) with your company name too. All it takes is registering CNAME, a free process, and your company name will pop up on others’ phones when you call—talk about effective branding! You can request CNAME registration.


What happens if I don’t pick up a call?

It happens, but that doesn’t make it a problem.  Automated call routing and the rules you put in place for how calls to your business number are answered is the backbone of the MightyCall system. If you’re a solopreneur or only wants calls directed to you, your voicemail will act as the last line of defense for unanswered calls.

If your company has employees, you can set rules to direct calls at certain times of day to other workers to align with work schedules or simply if you’re unavailable at that moment.

This is done not just through our Call Routing feature but our Business Hours feature, which lets you enable specific call routing rules for when your business is open versus when it’s closed.


How can my employees and I stay on the same page if we’re all working from home?

MightyCall was built with teams in mind, so we have a plethora of features to facilitate teamwork even when colleagues are apart. Firstly, MightyCall does not charge per user, and in fact actually has unlimited free user extensions in our system, meaning all your employees can have their own. With call routing, you can send specific call types or customers directly to an employee, better setting their workload even while you’re all at home.

Our newest feature, the Contact Book Plus, really makes the system shine as a collective. Your staff can create business contacts within the system so you can all keep better track of who’s calling and why, and the feature also makes it possible to take notes for each contact and every interaction you have with them. Even if someone isn’t in your contact book, you can make a note about it.

The notes are visible to everyone, so your team no longer needs Slack or a group chat to keep everyone up to date on dos and do nots for customers—all the information you need to manage customer communications is within MightyCall!

work from home


Are there any spam blocking measures in place?

We have multiple spam blocking options in place. We know they are a plague that we all must deal with, so we routinely keep up to date in helping our customers block spam and robocalls.

We have a few features that do this – name Call Screening, which you can use freely, and our Black List, which you can add numbers to – directly from your call history page – so they will automatically be dropped if they try to call. Likewise, we are constantly updating our system with the FCC’s spam list to block calls from any number therein.


In a nutshell

As you can see, using MightyCall from home actually increases productivity. The system is easy to set up, affordable and collaborative. We’ve designed the system to work from anywhere, regardless of location, so now’s the perfect to make the switch and see for yourself how much better it is working from home with MightyCall than trying to overcome the problems that come with remote work on your own.

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