Focus on your business, don’t worry about telephony

MightyCall is a cloud-based phone system. This means with MightyCall you get capabilities of the best traditional PBX. But at the same time, you need:

  • Never purchase hardware or software
  • Never spend on upgrade and maintenance of the system
  • Never buy new chassis and modules when expanding your business
  • Never lose money already spent if you have to scale down your business.

And the key point, you don’t have to worry about any of this!

You can focus on what you do best of all — operating your business.

The phone system will always be ready to support your communications with customers, no matter what business processes you have designed.

You should pay only a subscription fee from 49 cents a day.
This fee includes:

  • premium phone system with plenty of useful features,
  • communication services (the number of minutes per month depends on your plan), and
  • a phone number (local or toll-free).

Later you can add extra numbers.

True mobility

Sometimes entrepreneurs and even small businesses use a cell phone number to communicate with customers. This was well before the era of cloud telephony. Now there are much mightier solutions. Even for entrepreneurs, not to mention companies of several people. For example, the MightyCall virtual phone system has the following advantages:

  • The customer will never hear a shocking “subscriber is unreachable” message
  • Communication is not interrupted due to a dead battery
  • Multiple simultaneous conversations via the same business number
  • Business hours and after hours call routing
  • The ability to take a call on any phone
  • Opportunity to add local and toll-free numbers to the same system
  • Analytical reports about client requests and team performance
  • Call flow control

Mobile app

To make users even more mobile, MightyCall released a mobile app. With the mobile application, the user can make and receive calls. But we understand that a phone system’s functionality isn’t limited to calling. Therefore, we added more options to the mobile app. You can:

  • Manage your status (Available/Do Not Disturb)
  • Receive notifications about any event, including missed calls and voicemail
  • Listen to or read your voicemail, listen to call recordings
  • Read SMS and reply to them on behalf of your business number

Mighty yet simple

MightyCall has functionality comparable to that of premium in-house phone systems. For example, the functionality of the call distribution system is close to that of call centers. And some MightyCall features are unique on the market:

You can find other capabilities of MightyCall on the page Features.

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