Always be reachable to your clients

How to eliminate missed calls without expensive PBX and fiber to your office

If the calling client hears the busy signal or gets tired of waiting in the call queue, or no one picks up the phone, he/she is likely to call a competitor. At the very least, they’ll be dissatisfied.

Missed calls are direct losses in the case of quick sales and decrease in customer loyalty for all companies.

The most dangerous thing is that companies often do not even know about the number of missed calls.

Fortunately, MightyCall cloud business phone system can fix the situation.

Phone number is always free — how to meet it

A client often hears a busy tone simply because the company doesn’t have enough channels.

This applies to entrepreneurs using a mobile number as a business number. But this also applies to companies with a PBX, where traffic may exceed the capacity of incoming telephone lines.

What’s more, the flow of customer requests is unstable. For example, on pre-holiday days or as a result of an intensive promotional campaign, the number of customer requests can increase by several times.

The prime solution to such problems is cloud telephony. For example, MightyCall is connected to other operators by high-capacity lines, so our clients’ phones are always free.

Virtual receptionist

In the next step, you need to connect the client with an employee of your company, for example, with a sales manager. If the connections are established through the secretary, this can become the next bottleneck in receiving calls.

MightyCall offers an effective solution to this problem — a virtual receptionist. The virtual receptionist greets a calling customer and invites him to choose with which department or employee he wants to talk. A virtual secretary can simultaneously serve many callers. It quickly sorts incoming calls and enhances the company’s image.

Fast connection with an employee

After the virtual receptionist discovers the reason the call, the virtual PBX, taking into account the time of day, calling and called numbers, distributes calls among available employees.
The connection should be established quickly, otherwise, the client will not wait for an answer and will drop the call.

For that to happen, MightyCall business phone system uses several tools.

First, team members can set their Available/DND statuses. Team members who are not ready to receive the call will be excluded from the call. This greatly shortens the time to answer.
Secondly, if the client’s call stands in a queue, the client, at scheduled intervals, hears an invitation to leave a voice message.

Finally, it is important to choose a suitable method of call distribution among your teammates.

How to distribute calls among team members for faster response

From the analytical reports, you can find out the speed-of-answer indicators. If it is large, it makes sense to apply call distribution algorithms that cut this time. Depending on the situation, it can be:

  • Parallel — everyone will receive a call at the same time. With this algorithm, the speed-of-answering is the fastest.
  • Freest first. Sometimes the specifics of the company’s work involves post-call processing, for example, making proposals. In such a situation, the сall is first sent to the team member with the highest chance of responding. This is the team member whose previous conversation was earlier than that of others.

After-hours calls

Some of the unanswered client requests occur during off-hours.

With MightyCall, you can easily find their number by using the report on missed calls. If this number is significant, you can set rolling work hours.

If you have only a bit of missed calls after-hours, you can take advantage of voicemail or forwarding calls to the on-duty employees working from home. This call flow processing can be set with the option after hours call routing. For example, a customer calls before the start of the day. He/she can leave a voicemail and contact information. The first manager who comes to the office will contact the caller.

How to reach the expert

Sometimes a client wants to talk to a personal manager or an expert, but the call remains unanswered because the expert is not at his/her workplace. Maybe on a coffee break, on a business trip, or the worker’s day is over.

So the call doesn’t remain unanswered, MightyCall can use the find me / follow me function.

Virtual PBX calls all the specialist’s phones — desk telephone in the office, mobile, home or softphone. And connects him/her with the client. The call can go both in parallel and in sequence.

How to keep VIP clients

Missed calls from VIP clients are obviously undesirable. For VIP customers, you need to cut the answering time to a minimum, regardless of the time of day and workload of employees.

In order to achieve this, the MightyCall business phone system offers the VIP list feature. For clients included in this list, special rules for call routing are established. For example, the phone system can forward the calls straight to the most experienced employees. This rule can be applied even after hours, when other calls are sent to voicemail.

Analytical data — friend and ally

Your first friend – a report on received and missed calls. From this, you can find out what proportion of the calls remains unanswered. Moreover, which employees and working groups missed calls. The report will also show how the number of missed calls varies over time, whether your reorganization is effective.

With the help of reports, you can find out how many unanswered calls were due to the fact that no one picked up the phone, how many voicemails were left, how many very short calls were dropped by the client.

Changing the number of missed calls throughout the day will show whether the cause lies in the work schedule of team members. For example, a report can show that most calls come in just when many managers are at lunch. Customers have to wait a long time on the line — and many do not wait. The solution is to change the schedule of lunch breaks or to engage workers from other departments in call processing during peak hours. Maybe, you need to increase the sales staff.

Average call duration is an another valuable report if your team is too busy to answer all calls. If one of the team members has a much longer call duration than the average for your team, perhaps, he or she makes some mistakes in communications. Call records will help to understand this. After a focused training, your team will use the resources more efficiently.

Сustomers who have to wait long for an answer tend to drop calls. Therefore, a report on the average time to answer is very important. This report, like the others, contains filters for employees, groups, date range and time of day.

If the call is still missed

If, despite the measures taken, any call remains unanswered, it gets added to the task list. As a result, you will never forget to process it. For example, call back or send a commercial offer. This is a unique feature of the MightyCall cloud phone system.

MightyCall business phone system allows you to minimize the number of missed calls.
It can help you understand the reasons for missed call and eliminate them. Then, using analytical reports, you can evaluate the results of the changes.

Always be reachable to your clients