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Сlick to Call Widget

Looking for an easy way to turn website visitors into customers? Our Click-to-Call widget is just that by letting people call you with the click of their mouse.


How do you set up the click-to-call widget?

  1. To get started, once on your MightyCall profile page go to “Settings => Web => Create Click-to-Call widget.”
  2. Name your widget (likely just your company name)
  3. Enter the phone number the widget will connect to
  4. Customize your widget (this includes its color, shape, corner roundness, and opacity)
  5. Choose where on your site the widget will go (left, right, bottom, or indent)
  6. Save your changes
  7. Click the green button to get your widget’s code to put on the website (you can use the code to put either the call button on your website or just make your phone number clickable)
  8. Optional* If you are tech-savvy and experienced with HTML you can copy the code and put your own touches on your click-to-call button.


How to set a custom call flow for the click-to-call widget?

Once your click-to-call widget is up and running, you’ll want to set a custom call flow for it. To do that:

  1. Click the ‘Incoming Calls’ tab on the left side of your MightyCall profile
  2. Select the click-to-call tab at the top of the page
  3. Choose how you want calls from the widget to be routed.


Installing Mightycall’s Click-to-Call on a WordPress Site

Detailed instructions on how to add a Click-to-call button on a WordPress Site: Installing Mightycall’s Click-to-Call on a WordPress Site

Video > How to create the Click-to-Call widget with MightyCall


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