Outbound Calls From Business Number

You can make calls from your personal cell phone — or even your PC or laptop — using your MightyCall number, meaning clients will only ever see your business number. This allows you to keep your personal mobile number, well, personal!

How to make a call with MightyCall mobile

There are two ways to make an outbound call:

  1. Via a Dialer.
  2. by clicking the “Call” button (for Missed calls or Voicemails).

You can select one of two methods for these outgoing calls — call on behalf of your business number or your mobile phone number.

How to choose a business number for outbound calling via Mobile App

If you have two or more business phone numbers, you can select the desired number for outbound calling.

Click on “Settings” and select “Profile Settings.” Choose a business number for outbound calling from the list.

How to use a Dialer

  1. Tap the “Keypad” icon on your dashboard to reveal the “Dialer.”
  2. Dial any phone number or select contacts from your address book by clicking on the address book icon.
  3. To make a call, press the “Call” button.

Outgoing call pricing

Prepaid minutes from your account will be deducted each time you make an outgoing call.

Calls exceeding your monthly allotment of Talk Minutes will be billed to your bank account. The price of each call differs between countries. Check the “Rates” page on the MightyCall website for more information.

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