Managing Users and Groups

You can choose how many users and extensions you want. MightyCall can be with you all the way as your business expands!

MightyCall supports multiple users in one account; each user can have his/her own extension number, so your clients can easily reach a specific person within your organization.

You can also unite several users into a group. Then assign a task to a group or even call a group — you’ll speak to the first group member to pick up (no conferencing). You can assign an extension to a whole group, and allow clients to dial, say, “sales” or “customer service” without having specific members assigned to pick up.

Adding users

There are two types of user accounts in MightyCall — Account Administrator and Service User.

The Account Administrator is responsible for overall configuration and defining auto-attendant rules. They can view the overall account call history and manage other users and groups. They can also downgrade other Account Administrators to Service User status. They can view the overall account call history and manage other users and groups.

    • The Service User can customize Personal Receptionist behavior and get access to individual call history and voicemail inbox.
    • Only Account Administrators can add new users.

These users can either be Account Administrators as well, or Service Users. Follow the steps below to create a new Service User account:

    1. Open “Team” and get a list of already created user accounts. You can see the list of groups as well.
    2. Press “Add new user” and accurately fill in the form by specifying the following fields:
      • First/Last Name: This will be used to welcome the new user in the system and are used to address the user in service notifications.
      • Account Login: This is a unique account login name for the user. We recommend specifying an email or a name that’s easy to remember.
      • Role: This defines the level of access permitted to the user.
      • Availability: This is the default personal user status, which can be either “Available” or “Do Not Disturb.”
      • Email: The user will be invited to the MightyCall service via this email address. He or she will also receive future MightyCall notifications from this email.
      • Extension: This is the three digit extension number unique to the user.
      • Forwarding Number: This is the primary contact phone number which is used when redirecting incoming calls to the user.
      • Other features: You can also enable the “Incoming Calls Screening” and “Dial by Name” features for the user by default.
    3. Press “Save Changes” to complete this task. The new user will receive a welcome email with further instructions on how to access to the account.

As an Account Administrator, you can manage any existing user, and log into the service on behalf of the user.

Managing groups

MightyCall allows you to group several team members together, making it easier to delegate tasks in a single action.

As an Account Administrator, follow the steps below to create a new group:

  1. Open “Team.”
  2. Click “Add new group.”
  3. Add team members to a group to make task delegation a little easier. Each group (for example, Sales or Support) can greet incoming calls differently, depending on their function. Just remember to customize your greetings for each group from the voice menu. Users must be signed up with MightyCall to be added to the group.
  4. When you are ready, press “Save changes.”


You can create individual extensions for employees, complete with web-based voicemail and automated call forwarding to existing land lines or mobile phones.

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