Music on Hold and Custom Greetings

MightyCall allows you to greet clients with different messages, depending on who’s calling and when. A professional voice greeting for callers and potential customers helps you make the best possible first impression.

With MightyCall, you can set up a custom call menu (Press “1” for sales, press “2” for support), which helps to make your client interactions more efficient. You can also greet callers with tailor-made messages.

Don’t forget the music! The MightyCall virtual phone system offers the ability to easily upload customizable music (and other recordings) to play between voice messages and for callers on hold.

How to record your own greeting

The default greeting MightyCall offers is “Hello and thank you for calling [insert business name here].”

However, you can choose different greetings for different steps in your call flow, e.g. for voicemail, for business or non-business hours.

If you want to upload your own messages, feel free! Make your phone experience more unique and “human”- or even humorous!- for your customers.

As said above, you can also play music of your choice for customers who are waiting to be connected.

  1. Go to Call Flows.
  2. Click on the “Greeting” block.
  3. Upload your greeting from a computer or record it via a phone.
  4. Save changes.

Music on hold

MightyCall allows you to use your own Music on Hold and Ringback Tones.

The Music on Hold option allows you to customize music that will be heard by all callers who have been placed on hold.

A Ringback Tone is an indicator that’s heard on the telephone line by the caller, making it clear to them that they are still on the line/in a queue.

How to configure your own Music on Hold and custom Ringback Tones

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Open the Greetings & Media tab.
  3. To change Music on Hold or a Ringback Tone click on the “Add Greeting” button.
  4. Save changes.
    Music on hold


How to set Ringback tone for Groups and Music on Hold for Queues.

  1. Go to Call Flows.
  2. Select Call to Group or Queue
  3. Select a Ringback tone for Call to Group or Music on hold for queues.
    Groups and Queue
    Groups and Queue 2
    Groups and Queue 3


Create professional greetings, voice prompts, message on hold

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