Forward Phone Calls to Another Number

Not at your desk? Or several team members all busy at once? No problem! You can set your MightyCall to ring certain devices simultaneously, or try one, then try another and so on. MightyCall gives you the flexibility to choose who takes what calls and when!

You’re able to add up to 3 phone numbers with the basic package. ​For example, your cell phone or a landline. MightyCall allows you to forward all incoming calls to all your phone numbers one by one (sequentially) or at the same time (simultaneously).

How to add an additional forwarding phone number?

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Open the My Forwarding numbers tab.
  3. Add up to 3 phone numbers you want. You can also use a Webphone to make and receive calls using your browser!
  4. Select the way to forward calls:
    • Sequentially — the phones will ring one-by-one in the order defined in the list (use drag-and-drop to change the order). You can also change how long MightyCall will ring your phone before switching to other contact via the “Timeout” option.
    • Simultaneously — MightyCall will transfer an incoming call to all phone numbers, and hence ring all connected phones. You can change how long MightyCall will ring your phone via the “Timeout” option.
  5. Save changes.

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