Black & VIP Lists

How to set black lists & VIP lists

You can sort callers into “lists”: a “VIP” list for preferred clients, so you’re always ready to take their calls, and a “Black” list, to keep those pesky spam callers at bay!

  1. Go to “Settings | Configure Call Flows”.
  2. Click on the “From any customer” lists & vip lists
  3. Select a type of list — “VIP” or “Black.”
  4. Enter or import phone lists & vip lists settings
  5. Record or upload your greeting and configure how to handle the call.
  6. Save changes.

How to add numbers to the black list from the history page

  1. Go to your Call History
  2. Click Block number (the icon on the far right of each row)

black lists

How to add numbers to the black list from the mobile app

  1. Select the number from the call history page
  2. Click block number

black lists call routing

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