Multichannel Activity Dashboard

Any and all customer interactions appear in MightyCall’s activity queue. Activity queue is a list of your phone calls, email or call-back requests, todos, voicemails — and every thing has a responsible person it was assigned to. What is even more important, MightyCall cares of how long should it take for you to react to each incoming request. For example, people usually expect reaction to their tweet within 1 hour, to a callback request — within 2 hours, and an email reply within 1 day. So MightyCall can highlight items in the activity queue to react at the first hand, so your customers stay touched in a timely manner (see actual table below).



MightyCall tracks the following types of Activities:

Call Back — some of your website visitors might prefer to ask for a call back from you instead of directly calling your business number. MightyCallcan track such requests via the Web Contact widget and add them to the queue. Note that you would need to configure your MightyCall Web widget in order to enable it to track your Call Back requests.
Email Requests — sometimes your website visitors would prefer to ask for an email reply to their question(s) instead of calling your business number. MightyCall can track such requests via a Web Contact widget and add them to the queue. Note that you would need to configure your MightyCall Web widget in order to enable it to track your Email Requests.
Missed Calls — if you ever miss a call at your business number from a potential customer, MightyCall will add this to the queue so you can follow-up with it.
Voice mails — when someone leaves a voicemail message for you,MightyCall automatically puts it into the queue so you can preview the message and follow-up if needed.
To Do Item — you can add’To Do Items’to the MightyCall Activity Queue and assign them to your colleagues.
Mighty Call Inbox —Mighty Call Inbox is a service which can convert your emails into Activities for further management and tracking. Just forward an email to the from an email address which is registered in your MightyCall account and it will be automatically added into the queue.
Twitter mentions & Direct Messages and Facebook posts —MightyCall service allows you to track all your Twitter & Facebook messages/posts and show them in the Activity section. To enable this option you need to authorize the MightyCall service to access your Twitter/Facebook account.
SMS — the Business SMS feature (for Professional and Business plans) allows you to send and receive text messages from and to your MightyCall local (non toll-free) business number. Recipients can reply via the irown SMS. Business SMS works on your mobile devices (the MightyCall Apps for iPhone and Android).


Note there are several hints about the service in the queue by default. You can filter all activities by type.

Using Mighty Call Activities you can manage all your activities:

  • Browse all activities — New, My, Assigned/Unassigned, Completed and Archived. You can filter all activities by type, date and message content.
  • Handle a missed call — make a call back directly through the app.
  • Download the attached MightyCall Inbox message as an .eml file.
  • Listen to your voicemail.
  • Leave a comment to any activity.
  • Assign activities to another user in your MightyCall service. The user will see assigned activities via his/her MightyCall Activity section.
  • Mark an activity as completed. All completed activities will be moved to Archive. You also have the option to reopen the activity if needed.

Search the activities you want via the Search field by entering a key request, for example, a customer’s name.

You can select multiple activities and mark them as completed or assign to other users.

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