VoIP International Call Rates

    You can make calls with MightyCall all over the world- without breaking the bank! Our international rates are some of the lowest in the industry. While MightyCall isn’t currently available in other countries outside of North America, please contact our support team if your company has international teams that also need a phone service.

    CountryArea codePrice per minute
    International Phone Number Add-on
    Argentina54from $.12Available
    Argentina mobilefrom $.54
    Australia61from $.09Available
    Australia mobilefrom $.26
    Brazil55from $.09Available
    Brazil mobilefrom $.30
    China86from $.07Available
    China mobilefrom $.07
    Egypt20from $.41
    Egypt mobilefrom $.41
    France33from $.10
    France mobilefrom $.19
    Germany49from $.07
    Germany mobilefrom $.21
    India91from $.14
    India mobilefrom $.14
    Indonesia62from $.26
    Indonesia mobilefrom $.32
    Italy39from $.07
    Italy mobilefrom $.57
    Japan81from $.13
    Japan mobilefrom $.45
    Mexico52from $.05Available
    Mexico mobilefrom $.14
    Netherlands31from $.06Available
    Netherlands mobilefrom $.39
    New Zealand64from $.07Available
    New Zealand mobilefrom $.17
    Philippines63from $.43
    Philippines mobilefrom $.48
    Portugal351from $.09
    Portugal mobilefrom $.37
    Russia7from $.09
    Russia mobilefrom $.59​
    Singapore65from $.07Available
    Singapore mobilefrom $.07
    South Africa27from $.29
    South Africa mobilefrom $.60
    South Korea82from $.08
    South Korea mobilefrom $.13
    Spain34from $.09Available
    Spain mobilefrom $.09
    Switzerland41from $.42Available
    Switzerland mobilefrom $.71
    Thailand66from $.09
    Thailand mobilefrom $.09
    Turkey90from $.16
    Turkey mobilefrom $.51
    United Kingdom44from $.06Available
    United Kingdom mobilefrom ​$.13
    United States of America1$.045


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