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Using Talk Minutes And Money

How you are charged

Talk minutes are deducted when:

  • Someone calls and listens to your main greeting.
  • Someone makes a call using the Click-to-Call widget on your website.
  • A caller listens to any on-hold messages or voicemail greeting.
  • A caller leaves a voicemail.
  • You receive calls.
  • You make calls using your MightyCall Mobile App or your browser MightyCall Web Panel.

Money is deducted from your prepaid MightyCall Account Balance:

  • To place an international call.
  • If you go over the allotted Talk Minutes on your plan.
  • For calls via the Click-to-Call widget under a Starter plan.

Unused minutes for your plan do not carry over to the next billing cycle, but any balance in your backup MightyCall Balance Account does. Click here for details on our Call Rates.

Account balance and placing calls

You won’t be able to make a call in the following situations:

  • You have reached your limit of Talk Minutes
  • Your payments are overdue (your Account Bank is zero or you owe payments)

In either situation, callers will hear the following voice messages: “I’m sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable” and “Please, leave your message after the tone.” The caller will then be redirected to voicemail. The caller will hear the same message if you have reached the limit of Money or Talk Minutes during a call. However, if you try to make a call you will hear a different message: “Your balance has insufficient funds and the call cannot be placed.” This call will then be disconnected. In addition, you will not be able to record greetings via phone if you have reached your limit of Talk Minutes and Money.

MightyCall will notify you of the changes to your balance via email in the following cases:

  • Your payments are overdue.
  • You have added funds to your account.
  • Your account balance is low.

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