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How to integrate MightyCall with Zapier

With Zapier integration, MightyCall integrates with your CRM system, Google sheets or Slack. Zapier moves info between MightyCall and your web apps automatically.

How to integrate MightyCall with Zapier:

  1. Log in to Zapier and click on Make a Zap
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  2. In the pop-up window, choose Webhooks by Zapier
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  3. Next, select Choose Trigger Event – Catch hook, and press Continue
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  4. In the open window, copy the generated Webhook URL and go to the API integration – WebHooks section in your MightyCall profile.
    Insert the generated URL in the “Enter the URL” field and click Save Changes
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  5. Return to Zapier and press Continue
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  6. In the Find Data section, press Test&Continue
    Zapier integration MightyCall
  7. Make an outgoing call via MC
  8. In field “2. Do this…”,  specify the event that should occur when the webhook is received.

Webhook includes the following fields: 

    1. EventType, including: 
      • OutgoingCall – initiate an outgoing call 
      • OutgoingCallConnected – the outgoing call is connected OutgoingCallCompleted – the outgoing call is completed
      • IncomingCall – initiate an incoming call
      • IncomingCallRinging – initiate ringing for an incoming call 
      • IncomingCallStopRinging – end the incoming call if no one answers 
      • IncomingCallConnected – the incoming call is connected 
      • IncomingCallCompleted – the incoming call is completed 
    2. Body__From – the number from which the call is initiated 
    3. Body__To – the number to which the call is directed 
    4. Timestamp – the time of the event 
    5. Body__Extension – the extension of the employee associated with the call
    6. CallId – the call’s unique ID 

Additional filters and event configurations may be set for all of the above fields. 

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