You can purchase additional options for your MightyCall subscription in the Billing section. The fees for these options will be added to your subscription.
You can disable purchased add-ons any time you wish.

How to purchase an add-on

  1. Go to Account | Summary. Click “Manage Add-ons.” Or go to Account | Subscription.
  2. Select an add-on you’d like to activate and click “Purchase.” Confirm your purchase.

You can remove the Add-On later if you wish.

Available Add-Ons

  • One extra business number — you can purchase an additional business number under the Business Number section after purchasing the MightyCall Mobile App. The additional business number can be local or toll-free.
  • One international number — you can purchase additional international business numbers in several countries. Send a request by clicking the “Request” button. Your additional international business number will be activated for your account after your purchase, and you will be able to select an international number in the “Business Number” section.

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