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  • What is a webphone?
  • Differences between WebPhone and Softphone

What is a webphone?

A webphone is a web-application that substitutes physical IP telephone sets and provides a possibility to use IP telephony.

The user can make and receive calls and interact with PBX directly from his browser. Webphones are based on VoIP (voice over IP) technologies and use the internet as a media for voice transfer.

In essence, webphone is a softphone running in a browser.

Differences between WebPhone and Softphone

As well as softphones, webphone needs a headset or usb telephone set for a user to make and receive calls.

Webphone also support a lot of functions: keypad, address book, call transfer, messaging presence status and so on.

The application field of webphone and softphone are similar too.

But some difference nevertheless exists.

From a technical point of view, to make calls from a browser, webphone should support Flash or WebRTC protocols.

Webphones are often used together with another web applications. For example, webphone are often included in the customer area of service provider portal.

An interesting example of webphone usage is a click-to-call widget for web sites.

And the main point. You can attach to corporate PBX from any computer, even non-owned. You don’t need to install any application but simply open a browser.