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What is voicemails?

Voicemail is a system that allows users to exchange voice messages.

Usually, voicemail is used when a user can’t (or don’t want) answer to an incoming call. In such a case, system playbacks greeting to the caller and invites him to leave a message. Voice messages are converted to audio files for storing and retrieving.

Voicemail system can be either a part of a PBX or separate service.

How to store and retrieve voicemails

To retrieve voicemail message user can dial a special number or visit customer area of a service web portal. In the latter case, users often have capabilities to sort audio files and to search the desired one. Providers of cloud phone services often propose users to receive voicemail audio file by email. Some voicemail systems have an interesting feature — they can transcribe audio file to text with the help of speech recognition. This feature is valuable for fast reviewing of voicemails.

Why do you need voicemail

The main purpose of voicemail system is to diminish negative effect of missed calls. This has great influence on a quality of customer service.
Sometimes voicemails files are transferred to various IT systems: CRM, help desk, task managers.

On a personal level, voicemail is also used for call screening.