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This glossary entry covers:

  • What is a virtual phone number?
  • Virtual numbers area codes variety (local, toll-free, non-geographic)
  • Relation between virtual number and virtual PBX
  • Business value of virtual phone numbers.

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not tied to a particular telephone line and telephone set. It serves as access (or DID) number.

All calls to a virtual number are forwarded to one or more user’s actual phone numbers, such as landline phone numbers, mobile numbers, SIP numbers.

Virtual numbers can have local, toll-free or non-geographic (500, 533, 544, 566, 577) area codes.

Virtual number service can be rather simple, just forwarding from one number to another. But it also can be feature-rich and includes some kind of virtual PBX functionality. It that case virtual number can be treated as simplified virtual PBX.

A virtual number is used for both private and business purposes. It is very convenient since users can quickly, for only several minutes, connect and disconnect to the service. No hardware, software, and cable installation is needed.

Virtual numbers bring the next values to users.

  • Separate business and private life
  • Separate several projects
  • Business can establish virtual presence in regions with no offices
  • Family and friends of travelers can call them to a local number
  • Virtual numbers are convenient for marketing campaigns because business can subscribe to the service temporary. In addition, virtual number services usually have statistical tools to measure an efficiency of the campaign
  • Marketers can track an efficiency of different media channels
  • Provide remote office workers with a local phone number
  • Provide clients of B2B services with temporary numbers. It’s useful for a virtual presence and advertising services.