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In this entry we cover:

  • What is a vanity number
  • Vanity number with a local or toll-free area code
  • How to choose a perfect vanity number
  • Marketing possibilities of vanity numbers

Vanity number is a phone number with a digit sequence that is easy to remember.

Vanity number can have local or toll-free area code.

There are 3 ways to make vanity numbers.

The first — to use repeated digits or a special sequence of digits, e.g. 555-7777, or 1234321, or 5353535.

The second — to use digit sequence with special memorizing meaning, e.g. 247 for 24/7 support service or 241 for “two for one” discount campaign.

The third is coming from phoneword usage, that is substituting digits by letters with the aid of telephone keypad. For example, a word ‘taxi’ means ‘8294’.

Vanity numbers are usually used for marketing purposes. One the one hand, vanity numbers are easy to remember and therefore can increase customer’s call volume. On the other hand, a company with vanity number looks well-established in a greater degree.