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In this entry we cover:

  • What is toll-free number?
  • Which area codes have toll-free numbers?
  • Why companies use 800 numbers?

Toll-free number is a special kind of phone numbers. All calls to a toll-free number are free of charge for a caller. Instead, calls are paid by a company that owns the number. On the contrary, calls to usual phone numbers are paid by calling customer; calls to so-called premium rate numbers are paid by calling party with increased rate.

Toll-free numbers are often called 800 numbers since the first telephone code of toll-free numbers was 800. Term ‘toll-free number’ is also equivalent to ‘free phone’, ‘free call’. Now, according to North American Numbering Plan, toll-free numbers have such area codes as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844. Codes 833, 822, 880-887,889 are reserved for future use. In addition to the national toll-free numbers (1-800-…), there are international toll-free numbers that have country code 800.

The first manually operated toll-free services emerged in the1960s. Now 800 numbers are based on intelligent network capabilities.

Why companies use 800 numbers?

The main goal is to lower the barrier for customer calls. It concerns both prospects and clients who require support.

Second point. The use of toll-free number demonstrates customer focus of a company, high level of customer care. Thus, increasing client loyalty.

The use of 800 numbers improve the image of the company, it looks more solid and reliable.

Sometimes 800 numbers are used for internal communications of mobile employees.