Time-based routing (business hours)

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What is time-based call routing?

Time-based routing is a call routing depending on the time of day, as well as weekends and holidays. For example, during business hours, calls are routed to an office, and after hours, calls go directly to a home number or to a voice-messaging system.

Time-based routing is sometimes called business hours or after hours because the main purpose of time-based routing is to handle calls differently in business and non-business hours. But rarely, time-based routing is used to handle calls in peak hours.

Business values of time-based routing

Time-based routing is one of the most valuable features for a successful customer service. Another business application is to organize customer service in different time zones for companies with remote branches. For example, if a customer in East Coast calls during non-business hours, and the staff has already left office, you can forward the call to your office at West Coast, which is still open.

Two types of business hours service available on the market

There are two forms of ‘business hours’ on the cloud communications market. The first is that user can turn off rings of his phones by schedule. This simplest form of time-based routing is suitable for personal use and individual entrepreneurs.

The second type is full-featured ‘business hours’ routing. In this case, a company can set perfectly different routing schemes for business and non-business hours, including different greeting messages, IVRs, forwarding calls to different groups of employees.